Mar 26 2020

Coronavirus: The Untied States Of America

As of March 25, the number of people who have died from the coronavirus in the United States reached 827 employees. The total number of infected people has reached almost 60 thousand people. It is noted that of the cases of coronavirus in the country has not yet recovered a single person.Now, the United States gradually closed factories, for example, a landmark for Americans – car, enterprises of all forms of ownership, increasing unemployment. It is clear that victim will be the American shale oil. A total of six trillion dollars will be directed as financial assistance in connection with the pandemic. According to presidential adviser on economic issues Larry Kudlow, this is the largest amount of financial assistance to American citizens in the history of the United States. GDP falls mills, according to some forecasts in the second quarter GDP will fall to a record since the Second world war indicators. About the “financial bubble”, the US national debt – except that I will mention, because it is a known problem. The US economy has completed the long period of growth and has entered a recession, announced Bank of America, which is confirmed by the other two leading financial institutions – Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. In the United States are increasingly saying that the government is on the verge of crisis comparable to the great depression years of 1929-33.

Individual States (Ohio, new York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, new Jersey, a number of other) quarantine. So, new York has imposed a total quarantine. There is an obvious shortage of doctors in the country, yet they are imported from abroad, do not have enough ventilators. Integrated health care system in the United States, in fact, no. The mayor of new York bill de Blasio warnedthat public hospitals in the city will last another week, then will end and the places and medicines. About emptying the shelves of food stores and the hype around toilet paper in the United States – is already known. The last two days – a new “fashion” – the population is buying heavily arms (the queue at gun shops). Showcase all the shops are closed by boards from looters, the home of slam locks. All the signs of incipient mass panic! The national Institute of health, USA declares, that the Americans must be prepared at least 2 months to live in complete isolation. I think that this is unaffordable for the American temperament period, rather during this time, several times there are riots all over the country.

Trump clearly swings to the threat of the coronavirus, he rushes from one extreme to the other. As noted a few days ago, the fight against the virus, which is the trump to the last tried not to notice, he still had to lead, and closed the borders of the United States, have banned flights from countries of Europe introduced troops in California, new York and Washington. He spoke with a very “original” will not fit in the economic sense, the idea of direct distribution of cash to the population. However, according to the latest informationhe began to turn in the other direction, against the quarantine, claiming the TV channel Fox News that the number of victims of coronavirus in the United States will increase, if not promptly cancel the current various sanitary restrictions. “I have already said that the treatment should not be worse that the problem, from my point of view, many people will die if we allow the continuation of the current situation, many people want to get back to work,” he said. Maybe trump is right about this, bearing in mind that the coronavirus in its real consequences are not much different from, say, a simple flu, but unless those who created worldwide hysteria around this virus, will allow him to play by the rules of the “game” created by them? Because something similar was said and Johnson in relation to the UK. Later, however, under pressure from the “progressive community” the Prime Minister changed his attitude to the opposite and today is, on the contrary, the strengthening of austerity measures.

The situation with coronavirus in Europe have already shown that there is no unified Europe, the Western self-centered mentality not designed for mobilization of forces, basic sharing, even between neighbouring countries, not to mention mercy and selfless assistance, everyone here thinks of himself. Europe were separated by the number of States, and will remain (if not further share), as if there’s “advanced” European institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Union tried to portray the “United Europe”.

The Western worldview to an even greater extent represented in the United States. The fact that Russia is a trifle or historically familiar (difficulties), for the United States – critical state. Bonding strength for the Americans is their way of life based on high living standards, which are achieved largely due to the global redistribution of financial resources in their favor. The bulk of Americans live on credit, the loss of their financial savings due to “unforeseen circumstances” (a pandemic) will lead to chaos in the country. Damage in, say, a tenth of their income Americans perceive as a personal tragedy, begins to look guilty. And the culprit, of course, would be the Central government. It could be that the spread of coronavirus will be the missing factor that is sufficient to collapse the United States. The boomerang will fly at: a coronavirus was established in the USA (more and more evidence emerges on this subject), there and fly out to destroy this country.

Perhaps, amid the chaos rises to a qualitatively new level of latent separatist sentiments in the United States. Separatism in the United States has historical, ethnic, and religious components. On each of these components it is possible to argue in detail, but for now, probably not worth it. Better to watch the developments in the United States in the next few weeks. Apparently, there will be more that curious. In fact, to deal with internal problems the United States used the tried and tested method – the outbreak of war, aggression against any country. But in this case – will fail. The coronavirus (or faux panic about it) too quickly “covered” the United States, neither the strength nor the means nor the time for foreign intrigue is gone, all will be given to the fight against the pandemic in the country.

It is not excluded that now the US will turn into RE – “the untied States of America.” Also the boomerang. Hello, so to speak, from the Soviet Union.

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