Mar 26 2020

I was in the third week of the Russian humanitarian mission…

Gratuti! It’s Italy, we’re not wrong?

That’s good, but we are Soviet soldiers… Oh, Russian rescuers arrived visibi… Oh, to pull you from the virus. No, kissing will not, we, sorry, discipline.Where to stand? Somewhere in the corner? In a small town in the South, so as not to upset NATO and the leaders of the EU? No problem, so Bari Bari. And there is the sea there? Well, we could swim in spare time.

Oh well… and here on Ukrainka? Well, here we are, side, with a cargo of precalcino. Here sarayka-barracks will be here, dining, pizza, can’t a virus… But is it? Garazhik for 50 cars. Why not 20? So the bikes still. Reinforced.

This sportsart, Fizkultury, you know.

And here we have a club. Culture, as without it in Italy… Soon our artists will arrive.

Here weapons are stored, we’re still military. Oh, nothing serious, ruzhetso type “saiga”. Scary? You’re from the mice.

Oh, we’re the rubber boat to the pier tied – fishing in his leisure hours, you know. Why not rubber? Just yesterday changed to metal, so reliable…

Yes! Can we vodolazku we write? A couple, the gruppochku. Group. Well, a maximum of two groups PDSS. What are you, what are “anti-sabotage forces and means”! It’s the “check the bottoms on the health”! Snags there, amatorki… But their leader, Fidel name. Scary? That you are a spiritual man, the viola plays.

Oh, I see these boats? It’s Czechs and poles around eyeing Herod. And we have masks in stock. I said, “warehouses”? M-ne… well, it would be necessary to astronet. Can we add PDSS boys from SSO? A couple, the gruppochku. The group, best of three. What are “special operations forces”? It’s students! To-ohhh… I bet. Well, that’s good, that calmed.

By the way, here and the military police. You know, around Italian women, all beauties, and we have the men testosterone full of domes, health, and rushing, and rushing. Excesses are bad, it must be controlled.

Fence? Of course, quarantine. Concrete want to back off. Someone sneezes nearby, also on the lip. What? Well, it gauchesca watch, turkiska such. No, no… just pull over the lip, slap on Jeppe, and will. To continue a resident of Bari and did not think to sneeze!

And Yes, not enough space, we would have somewhere to stand. Here, in Brindisi, for example. Why? Yes, just our Fidel always wanted to go to Brindisi, let’s honor. Yeah, now there’s no one else sneezes, what’s the virus that you… By strunecka!

By the way… did you know that Bari and Brindisi no more virus? Ran a virus, we would have to catch up with them and… otpi neutralized. We have people on wheels. On wheels and on tracks. The gruppochku manewrowy. Ten mangrupp on strong technique. Well, armored. Do not be scared you! It’s from a virus! Okay? Well, that’s fine, two weeks before the Rome clean it up.

Oh, forgot to tell: to us tomorrow a boat from Syria fit! Boat. This sturdy, drobnicki. Borovichok. Borovichok-storozhevika. Patrol.

Why is he with rackets? Well, not to cut them, they’ll be lost… Let the Czech boaters chases. Again, the refugees who need them, those refugees…

It? Specmsheni on wheels, MANPADS. What are you, what’s the s-400… Is the youngest. How else Czech drones to neutralize?

And, then I received the offer from helicopters to spray town, do you mind? Here, then, the airport will. Small machines to 50. You see, the ecological model…

Pure we have? And how! See how many of the boys waving brooms! Who? Yes it’s the soldiers of NATO. They also trump the funding cut, and that sheltered. Who is on the broom, the other with a rag.

But the virus already almost there in Venice with the tour going. And refugees from Africa, no, the Czechs do not swim.

So we will finish soon and leave.

Except… what if the next virus that will handle that? Yes, think.

By the way, why are you coughing? Disorder, go to the shot. Run, I said, Fidel, tell someone!

…I was in the third week of the Russian humanitarian mission.

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Ukraine will not cheat, Ukraine stands out!

Шла третья неделя русской гуманитарной миссии...

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