Mar 25 2020

GNA Forces Launch Large Attack On Western Libya Air Base (Videos, Photos)


On March 25 early morning, forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) launched a surprise attack on the al-Watyah Air Base in western Libya.

GNA Forces Launch Large Attack On Western Libya Air Base (Videos, Photos)

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A few hours into the attack, dubbed “Peace Strom,” Maj. Gen. Osama al-Juwaili commander of GNA forces’ operations room announced that base was captured from the Libyan National Army (LNA).

“Our forces imposed control of the al-Watyah Air Base in Operation Peace Storm and captured a number of terrorist militia members in response to the continuous shelling on the neighborhoods of the capital, Tripoli,” al-Jwalili said in a short statement.

GNA forces released photos allegedly showing ten service members of the LNA, who were captured in the al-Watyah Air Base.

Al-Jwalili claims were quickly refuted by LNA sources, which released videos confirming that the Air Base is still under the army’s control.

While some LNA sources claimed that the attack was fully repelled, several reports said that the vicinity of the al-Watyah Air Base is still witnessing some clashes.

The GNA’s attack on the al-Watyah Air Base is a violation of the UN-sponsored ceasefire in the country. So far, both sides have violated the ceasefire on several occasions, mostly with help from their backers.

GNA forces are receiving direct military support from Turkey and even Qatar. On the other hand, the LNA is being backed by the UAE, Egypt and many other countries.



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