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Travel booking services


Award booking services – a list and some reviews

Award booking services – a list and some reviews

This list is not an endorsement of any particular award booking service.
Please do your research and read this thread.

See the FT Disclaimers for disclaimer of responsibility for use of these services, etc.
Please add other services and options you know about to this wiki.
Also, please post any personal experiences you may have with any of these services in this thread.

Award booking services (alphabetical):

  • Award Advocate – Domestic $100 p/p International $125 p/p, no additional charge for last minute. Changes $50. Also 10% discount for families traveling with children and active military
  • AwardBird – Economy: $39 for the 1st passenger and $19 for each additional; Business/First: $69 for the 1st passenger and $39 for each additional
  • Award Booking Service – $25 up front search fee plus $150/ticket & $49 per 30-minute skype consultations (ask anything!)
  • Award Butler – Award Search: $79 for up to two passengers; flight info provided but does not include booking. Booking starting at $149 for first two passengers.
  • Award Chaser – Search fee starting at $79. Itinerary only – no booking provided
  • Awarding Canada – Specializing in awards for Canadians, especially with Aeroplan, but with expertise available for anyone, worldwide. $150CAD for first passenger, $100CAD per passenger thereafter. Infants charged $25 instead. 2% discount if paid by Interace-Transfer.
  • Award Guru – $100 flat fee. Unlimited number of passengers. Website down as of 23-June-2018
  • Award Planners – One way $129, additional person $99; Round trip $199, additional person $99; Multi City $249 additional person $149
  • Award Travel Consulting – Award Search: $125/person; Booking ticket: $75/itinerary; changes: new trip
  • Awardmagic – $179 per person OW/RT plus one stop or $279 per person for three or more destinations
  • Awards & Travel – (iqbalt from FT) $100 for the first person; $50 for additional personnel. Explorer and RTW awards will be $200/ per person. Website down as of 23-June-2018
  • Book Your Award – (Gary Leff/View From The Wing): Booking: $185 per person; changes: $75 per person, each way
  • Boundless Miles – (Dominik Żmuda/Travelling the World): Booking: $50 USD per passenger, $25 change/cancellation fee per passenger
  • CabinChief – Bookings are $49 per pax
  • Cranky Concierge – $75 per person each way domestic; $95 per person each way international
  • First Class and Beyond – “Concierge-style” bookings. Fee is based on the value of the retail ticket, $250/person minimum.
  • Flightfox – Consultative flight searching; fees start at $100 (requires credit card authorization up front)
  • iflywithmiles.com – (Mike/Melissa): 150 USD first person, 85 for additional person on same itin. Change fees vary.
  • JJ Award Travel – $175 for the first person/$75 each additional. Complex awards more. Mention FT for 10% off. Exclusive only for FT members.
  • Juicy Miles – (Adam/Point Me to the Plane): $125 per person for the first two travelers. $100 per each additional traveler. For Round-the-World (RTW) awards, pricing will vary
  • Loophole Travel – Award Travel Coaching $150 for first passenger and $100 for each additional passenger. Points Earning and MS Coaching also available.
  • Luxury Travel Consulting – (Jasper2009 on Flyertalk): $150 per person per ticket
  • MilesConcierge – (callmedtop on FT) “High-touch” award bookings, emphasizing personalized engagement for every customer. $125 for first passenger, $100 for each additional. Not accepting new bookings as of 23-June-2018
  • MilesElite – $99 for award search and $149 for award search and booking. No such domain as of 23-June-2018
  • Miles Help – Domestic: $100 OW; $140 RT/complex. International: $150 OW; $200 RT/complex. $50 each additional person
  • Miles Momma Booking Services – Airline Booking: $200 up to 2 passengers. $75 additional passengers. $50 non-refundable up front. Changes $50
  • MileValue Award Booking Service – (Scott Grimmer): Booking: $125 per person per award; $15 up front. Full payment required for successful search even if not booked. Change fee not currently listed; previously $79
  • PMM Travel Consulting – (Miguel R. Quinones/AwardWallet Blog): Booking: $125 per passenger for the first two, $99 for each additional. Additional charges for complex itineraries. Credit card advice and travel planning services.
  • PointsPros – (Ben Schlappig/One Mile At A Time): Booking: $300 first passenger, changes: $100
  • Reward Flyer – Domestic: $50 first person; $25 each additional person. International: $100 first person; $50 each additional person
  • Shrewd Travel – (skyvanman on FT) Booking: $250 per person; changes: varies; Available via phone or e-mail or even FT PM. Website down as of 23-June-2018
  • SFO777.com – (SFO777 on FT) Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; change fees vary
  • The Flying Mustache – $100 per ticket; additional fees for more than eight segments. Change fees vary
  • The Points Jet Setter – $150 for the first passenger and $75 per each additional passenger. Website down as of 23-June-2018
  • Upgrd Awards – (MatthewLAX on FT, Live and Let’s Fly blog) $150 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; $250 per person for RTW; changes $75 but can vary. $50/ticket booking fee
  • zainman – FT member since 2009. Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; change fees vary, consultant services for $ as well
  • Zero Hassle Rewards – $100 per person. Discounts for domestic and one-way

I tried about 5-6 different search combinations before I posted this and couldn’t come up with any threads more recent than 2005-2007.

Is there a service that I can hire to make award bookings for me? I am a frequent reader of TPGs blog and would have hired him to keep income coming into a product that I use regularly but his blog states that he is no longer taking new award booking clients.

I am probably wasting my time posting this but please do reply that it is something I can do myself for free. I work 60-70 hours a week and have neither the time nor the patience to search the various airlines websites that I have mileage balances with hoping to find some combinations of days that would work. For me, it is money well spent to hire someone to do that for me.

Thanks for all the forthcoming suggestions.

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