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Aug 22 2019

Tom Thumb Preschool – over 45 years in education for toddler through pre-K program in Westchester, tom thumb careers.#Tom #thumb #careers

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Tom Thumb: Where Educations Begins

Tom Thumb Preschool offers educational programs for children 2 through 5 years old. Our facilities are designed to provide an exceptional learning environment. Since we are usually the first school your child will attend, our programs are developed to ensure that education is a positive experience, rewarding and fun. For parents who need it, we provide before and after school care. We make education and child development a fun learning experience at an affordable price.

Tom thumb careersA Lot More Than Child Care

Tom Thumb is a private school. Our teachers have either a BS or MS degree with a range of teaching experience between 7 years to 20 years. All our specialists in Music, Drumming, French, Science and Dance are professionals in their field. We are licensed by New York State Department of Education and New York Office of Children and Family Services.

Our staff is constantly learning by regularly attending advanced workshops in education and psychology. Since our inception, our programs have continually improved. We relentlessly pursue excellence in education and better ways to serve our children! We are dedicated to the next generation of great Americans.

Founder s Vision

Tom thumb careersOur school was established in September of 1968 and was founded by Nancy Brophy, who has been the only owner and Director. Her vision of Tom Thumb is to provide excellence in education for the very young. Our mission: is to discover the individuality and strengths of children and develop their critical thinking and social skills to ensure they reach their full potential. For more information about Nancy Brophy, please click on Founder.

Tom thumb careers

Tom Thumb is a Fun Place to Learn

Tom Thumb is a place of learning that doesn t subscribe to a single ideology or one method of education. We have selected the best ideas and practices from different educational systems and with our experience and expertise have developed a unique curriculum that defines Tom Thumb. Our school provides the atmosphere and opportunity for each student to develop social skills and learn the basic concepts necessary for success. By using our approach and the Power of Play the learning experience is both fun and rewarding .

The Best Choice for Your Child

Tom Thumb is recogized as a top-notch private school serving Lakeland School District for over 48 years. We are reasonably priced and provide excellent programs that include Child Care and Education. Tom Thumb students that enter kindergarten are always identified as remarkable.

Visitors are Always Welcome

Contact Us by email or call (914) 528-5600 an appointment is required for security to visit us.

When you visit bring your child and you will: meet our Director, tour our facilities, see our school in operation, meet our staff, ask your questions and have a private conference to discuss your child and our education program.

We will provide you with meaningful information to help you make a preschool decision.

How Important is a Preschool Education?

The first 5 years of life, define a person more than the total of all the remaining years of life. Education is the strongest single factor that will affect your child s development and create a foundation for learning, accomplishments and future success.

Education at this early age is the most precious gift you can give your child to help succeed in life. Tom Thumb educational programs will help develop your child: intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. We not only focus on kindergarten readiness but the development of lifetime skills.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us for an appointment.

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Tom thumb careers

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