Aug 21 2019

Police patrol

Police patrol
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Patrol Issues

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6 reasons why CPTED should be part of every agency’s crime-fighting plan

The multi-dimensional approach of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) eliminates design flaws that contribute to crime

When cops are not welcome: Command staff perspectives on officers being refused service

What is the proper response when a police officer is asked to leave an eating establishment?

How having a knife in his bag helped one officer get a winning edge

Benchmade Knife Company

When other tools didn’t work during a ‘shots fired’ call, this knife came through

7 things you should never say to a police officer

“These ain’t my pants!”

How to respond to a denial of service at a restaurant or coffee shop

Police, fire and EMS personnel need to prepare for being asked to leave a restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store

In his manifesto, the El Paso killer left some valuable information for law enforcement to consider about his preparation for the attack

Police aren’t above the law. Are we driving like we are?

We damage the law enforcement profession when we drive in a careless manner and with disregard for the very laws we enforce

Report: Reducing dog shootings in police encounters

When pet dogs are shot by police, this can erode public trust and legitimacy and result in increased risks to bystanders and officers

Thoughts on the Ariz. Starbucks brew haha

In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss the incident and the online outrage that followed

A letter to the American public: Why the New York water attacks matter

Civilians need to understand that these are thinly veiled attacks on law and order, not playful fun

5 life hacks for patrol cops

While these police hacks may not have been addressed in the police academy, they are useful in everyday patrol life

Union calls Baltimore police commissioner’s plan ‘untenable’

The former leader of the New Orleans police force, Michael Harrison became Baltimore’s police commissioner in March

LEO Near Miss: Staggering drunk conceals firearm

Although uncomfortable to do, always thoroughly search the crotch of a prisoner

What police should know about cophateists

Cophateists are people who, at their best, create difficulties for law enforcement and, at their worst, pose a deadly threat to officers in this country

5 statements cops should never make on duty

Your destiny should be to be a great police officer; think and speak like a true professional and you will be one

Opinion: Why the Senate should cons > –

Recent news stories show an increasing trend of exclusionary behavior by businesses toward police

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Police patrol

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