Feb 28 2020

China has estimated the Russian fighter-bomber su-34

In 2020, the Russian space forces needs to get a few dozen modernized su-34. As you can see, multi-role fighter-bomber is still in demand in the Russian military aviation.Development of the su-34 began in 1986. The plane was supposed to replace the su-24 bomber, is widely used practically in all local conflicts involving the Soviet Union. Afghanistan, the two Chechen campaigns – all su-24 took an active part, but by the early 2000s, the operating life of the bomber came to an end. Therefore, it was decided to start serial production of su-34.

Your the first in the history of flight of the fighter-bomber su-34 made thirty years ago – April 13, 1990. But the gap between flying prototype and flying the first production instance stretched for 16 years. Only 12 Oct 2006 soared up into the sky first production su-34. Finally, on March 20, 2014 su-34 has been officially adopted by the Russian air force.

It is clear that su-34 machine high quality and much more effective than its predecessors. The big range of flight, high load capacity, advanced equipment – this is not a complete list of the advantages of su-34 over the former Soviet tactical bombers. During the fighting in Syria, the su-34 are well established due to the high accuracy. It was promoted and installed on the aircraft an improved optical sighting system.

However, many are surprised by the fact that the su-34, despite the good features, and not produced in the export version. According to the author of the Chinese publication Sina, the reason is a mismatch of su-34 the requirements that apply specifically to multi-purpose fighters. The Chinese author writes that the su-34 remains an excellent tactical bomber, but he decides all the same highly specialized tasks. Therefore, to classify it to multi-function fighter jets would not be quite correct.

Su-34 works well attack ground and sea targets. He is able to hit the infrastructure of the enemy, its military equipment, and of course for front-line bomber. But for the right to be called multi-role fighters, writes Sina, this is not enough.

So, to dogfight the su-34 is not as good as other multi-role fighters, but for this type of aerial vehicles is one of the defining characteristics. In aerial combat, the su-34 is inferior to the American F-15 and Russian su-30, modification of the F-15 is capable of and efficiently to dogfight, and to take on Board greater payload.

But the author comes to the conclusion that Russia is likely to need such an aircraft, more bombers and smaller fighter. It doesn’t matter that the su-34 is not supplied to other countries, but it is quite cope with the tasks set before him by the Russian air command.

However, in another article in the Chinese edition, the author acknowledges:

Su-34 is a really nice car for an air strike. The aircraft can take on all the Russian ground impact operations.

With this opinion agrees the Chinese audience.

For large countries, for offensive or offensive and defensive air force strike aircraft is the main type

writes one commenter online.

Thus, the Russian su-34 meets quite adequate for the rating in China. By the way, given that the American edition Military Watch acknowledged the su-34 is the best attack plane in the world, a bomber can really be proud of.

That is why it was decided to supply a few dozen of these aircraft in the Russian space forces. All in all, by 2020, aerospace forces of the Russian Federation plans to, according to open sources, up to 200 su-34, completely replacing their aging su-24.


Written by FRANCE

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