Feb 27 2020

Lithuanian library has cancelled the presentation of the controversial book “Red Dalia”

Литовская библиотека отменила презентацию скандальной книги «Красная Даля»Public library in the town of Raseiniai in the Central part of Lithuania abolished the presentation of the book by journalist Ruta Anotine “Red Dalia” wrote RuBaltic.ru.Presentation of a book about the Communist past of the former President of the Baltic Republic Dalia Grybauskaite was to be held on March 13. According to the author, the library canceled the event after calls from the media and the intervention of celebrationist of Lithuania Andrius Tapinas, which “attracted two local conservative” (meaning members of the political Association “Union of Fatherland — Christian Democrats of Lithuania,” Grybauskaite support).

“It turns out that in Lithuania there is a place only for the Eulogy Urbanite (author of books about the ex-President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė — approx.) all other flutter on. Because the same thing happened in Alytus, we appeal to all who still appreciate free speech. If you’re not ready to live in the darkness of propaganda, let’s look for a neutral space and the brave men who will provide them,” wrote Anotine in Facebook.

Tapinas said in Facebook that the presentation was not organised by the library, “it was a private initiative”. He believes that Anotine presentation of the book — it’s part of her political campaign.

“Opus Anotine definitely no legendary book, the revenge of a former journalist, a mixture of desire and convenient interpretation of the facts for which Svejk would have found a very good place. No, not in the library,” said Tapias.

Dalia Grybauskaite was President of Lithuania from 2009 to 2019. The book “Red Dalia” was written a long time ago. In 2012, journalist Ruta Anotine prepared the TV program “Last resort”, which was planned to talk about the Communist past of the President of Lithuania. According to her, even after the Declaration of Lithuanian independence from the Soviet Union in March 1990, Dalia Grybauskaite remained an employee of the Vilnius school of the Communist party and worked in the Vilnius higher party school. Anotine was going to talk about a possible collaboration with the KGB Grybauskaite.

The transfer was supposed to go on the private television channel TV3 on 22 November 2012. However, in the air, it never came, and the team of journalists working on it were fired. Then Ruta Anotine wrote the book “Red Dahl”, which is a collection of documents about the current President of Lithuania and the stories of the people who know her personally or have studied her biography. Catching up in the archive, investigative journalism, Anotine noticed that several pages from the personal Affairs of the President of Lithuania was removed. In her opinion, apparently, someone is not profitable to about the past of the “red Dali” became known.

The hype around the “red Dali” was started in December 2014 when members of the European Parliament found in their mailboxes, working the book, translated into English. The investigation revealed that the source of the mailing of the print edition in mailboxes was a member of the faction of skeptics, the Maltese Kevin Ellul Bonici. As a result, the distributor of the incriminating evidence was dismissed.

The leader of the Union Grybauskaite Lithuanian conservatives Gabrielus Landsbergis noted that the book appeared immediately after the sharp words of the Lithuanian President on Russia. Landsbergis Jr., called the actions for the dissemination of the investigation Anotine “another informational impact on Lithuania”.

We will remind that recently a member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania from the ruling Union of farmers and “green” Lithuania Naglis Puteikis and his assistant Ruth Anotine announced that it has decided to undertake a more detailed study of information about what the former President of the country Dalia Grybauskaite in the Soviet years could be trained in the KGB school. Source

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