Feb 27 2020

Navalny is a criminal, or As in trauma can replace arguments in the dispute

Few remember, but almost thirteen years ago with the controversial blogger Alexei Navalny has occurred a very remarkable case. The event in Moscow club “Gogol” he fired several shots to his opponent-the Caucasian face. As you know, Mr. Navalny “roof” is very known in narrow circles of the U.S. national endowment for democracy (National endowment for democracy NED or abbreviated). In 2006, the project “Yes-debate” “Mr. icon of protest” and his girlfriend Maria Gaidar, the organization has allocated 23 thousand dollars. In fact, during one of the meetings “Yes-debattista” and the incident occurred. In the Moscow club “Gogol” a scuffle ensued, where Bulk and used force instead to understand the situation. He several times shot the graduate of the Moscow borderline Institute of the FSB Timur Teziev in the face of traumatic gun.

Blogger and the victim was taken to the office where the latter demanded to initiate a criminal case, it is not surprising, as the bodily grave there.

However, he later took his statement, saying that he was wrong and “realized his provocative behavior.”
One of the witnesses to the incident, Igor Kuzmin said that the Bulk enraged, grabbed the gun, racked the slide and shouting “Where are these freaks?!” ran to find the instigators of the conflict.And here it is important to remember that before his “liberal activities” blogger has a very radical views, went to nationalist marches, was one of the founders of the movement “the People” and firmly dealt with the nationalists. It is likely that Resieve there is a reason he saw the “instigator” – then joined the “muscle memory”.

And after all it is quite in the spirit of the radical nationalists: see “non – Russians” ‘t blame him. Obviously, there was the same: the Bulk was not able to understand the situation and just “took the soul”.

Most interesting is that the offender Navalny in some incredible way (it is quite obvious that “fit” the Western “roof”) managed to avoid responsibility for a crime that usually draws a decent period of imprisonment in places not so remote. From myself I will add that the man who does not spend time trying to understand what is happening, but simply chooses the culprit on a national basis – racist and degenerate.

Навальный – преступник, или Как травмат может заменить аргументы в споре

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