Feb 27 2020

Crimean seizure Zelensky and speculation

Крымский припадок Зеленского и спекуляции

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, it seems, is doing everything to deny Vladislav Surkov, former Russian presidential aide, who gave him quite a flattering description: “don’t goof. Anyway, in Paris all took him for President”Mr. Surkov, however, almost immediately and almost recovered, when he added: “he has a remarkable ease in thoughts.” And, admittedly, this is evident: the ease in the head of the head of Ukraine just amazing – what thoughts there are easily inflated, those he of old artistic habit and taketh. Mouth. And thank God that Zelensky cannot convey far-fetched in a known manner – with his pants down with a piano. And it would be a room.

And now the so-called “emigrants from Russia-occupied Crimea” (and in fact lumps of the leadership of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, first polyetayeva relish in Ukrainian and Turkish handouts) picked up a terrible howl. On two topics:

a) Crimean Tatar TV channel “ATR” in Ukraine has deprived the state budget financing now Crimean Tatars in Crimea have no chance to hear them like “big message” and are victims of Russian propaganda. And the blame for this, of course, “agents of the Kremlin”, entrenched by the President of Ukraine;

b) the Crimean Tatars – the indigenous people of Ukraine, and therefore, they are entitled to their autonomy in the Kherson region. She de directly borders Crimea – the one and only “homeland and cradle” of the Crimean Tatars.

Nonsense, of course, full. Especially on the first question. Money on “ATR” is allocated in the amount of 50 million UAH, but their transfer to the accounts of the canal was blocked by the state Treasury of Ukraine. Because in previous years beggar and beggars from the channel just not accountable for use of funds. And many quite rightly suspected the elementary cut of the money in your pocket: not a competition for production programs, inflated rent of premises and equipment, unclear goals and unclear work was paid thousands of hryvnia, etc.

When the ex-President Petro Poroshenko, Crimean Tatar boys in the head with some Eider by Murzabaeva, another Russian guest workers-a werewolf in the service of the Maidan, received the money uncontrollably. Because licking “cartridge” in the best Eastern traditions and this language opened the generous coffers of “nenki”. And whatever watered presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky! Poroshenko himself heard.

Now the party’s over. And not even because Zelensky type of “revenge.” His “selebriti” and Sarasate from the Cabinet so narukovodil and areformally that now every penny in the budget counts. There’s even a retired elderly are going to cut to those with hunger and lack of money for medicines faster oak gave and released the pension Fund from excessive debt.

But Zelensky blew in his ears. Whether shes prigrevica in Kiev, the heads of Mejlis Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev, whether their submission has recently visited Kyiv, the President of Turkey (there are up to 6 million people of the Crimean Tatars), Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the guard shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” But the Crimean Tatar yeast fell into the correct hole in the outhouse, and Zelensky suddenly burst on the subject. He not only pledged the money channel “ATR”, but decided to legislate on 26 February as the official “Day of resistance to the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”. Zelensky assured all participants of the forum “Age Of Liberty Forum 2020”, that Crimea is not removed from the agenda that it can’t be the price of peace in the Donbass and that Ukraine should and will support the people who remained in the “occupied Peninsula.” He could not help really reveal my source, “the Crimean seizure”: said that grated with Erdogan, an agreement was reached on the construction of the Crimean 500 apartments on the Turkish money.

Then he fell into a light fantasy-verbal prostration, promised that “our champion Usyk will fight in Sudak, Jamal will give a concert in Koktebel, and Sentsov is a tape in Yalta”, and died. And just wondering, after that thinking about him Surkov?

Yes, Surkov, who after retiring from “the Ukrainian direction” in the Kremlin, as it admonished their coworkers: “Ukraine is not. There are Ukrainians. That is, a specific disorder of minds. Wonderfully brought to the extreme degrees of Ethnography. Such a bloody history. Confusion is the state. Soup, Bandera, bandura is. And no nation. The brochureIndependent Ukraine” is, and Ukraine. The only question is, Ukraine is no longer, or not yet? I, oddly enough, creapiest. That is, I think, that Ukraine is not yet. But over time it will still be. Forcing you to brotherly relations is the only method that has historically proven in the Ukrainian direction. I don’t think will be invented by some other.”

Even cooler is the situation with the Crimean Tatar autonomy in Ukraine. Not even that: not only in Ukraine, but also on the Peninsula, which today has become an equal subject of the Russian Federation – the Republic of Crimea, but without any national color. That is a multicultural region, speaks only of the fact that in the Crimea three state languages – Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar. And all the people, the native speakers have an equal right to development and the use of native languages.

In this respect, Russia is the closest they have come to realization of historical justice in respect of the Crimean population. And here’s why: all claims of activists of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis (incidentally banned in Russia) boil down to the fact that in Ukraine there are only two indigenous people – the Crimean and Ukrainian, and in Crimea and even “indigenous” only Tatars”. Because the earth is no more land that they could call “his”. Therefore, Ukraine after the “liberation of Crimea” must de to represent the Peninsula the status of Crimean Tatar autonomy. In the meantime, with “liberation is not formed, then to practice on the cats – in the Kherson region.

And with the status of the Crimean Tatars on the Peninsula, no one argues. Since the conquest of the Peninsula in 1239 Batu Khan, who a year later was razed to the ground and Kiev, on the Peninsula really started to take shape, the Crimean Tatar ethnic group. First, in the ulus of the Golden Horde. Then, in 1441 as an independent state – the Crimean khanate. It stayed independent for 34 years from 1475, continued its existence under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

In 1783 the Crimea became part of Russian Empire and since then will not rock the boat. Supported Adolf Hitler’s anti-Soviet Crimean Tatar activists have brought disaster on his people for collaboration leaders, he responded whole – deportation in 1944. But then deportation condemned at the highest state level, was allowed to return to Crimea, and since then no one has ever questioned that Crimea is the homeland of the Crimean Tatars.

But only if they came to the Peninsula in the XIII century Crimea – the native land and the other somewhere else? That’s a good question. Not rhetorical and not only discussion, because the Crimea is their homeland I think even a few people. The most ancient to the conclusion that a few Jewish Turks, professing Talmudic Judaism generally formed and are descended from the Crimea, from the first century BC. Similarly, consider Crimea their homeland, the Karaites are a small ethnic group derived from Turkic-speaking prototypical that settled and took shape in the people in the Crimea in the VI-X centuries. In the end, we must not forget that before the advent of the Crimean Tatars on the Peninsula there in XI-XII centuries there was a part of old Slavic Tmutarakanskoe Principality, inhabited, as you know, Slavs. There are still Urums Greek-Tatars — one of the peoples of the Crimea and the Northern Azov region, who also have their own language and no other land, except the Peninsula.

Yes, these people are few and scattered across the planet. Yes, they assimilate and dwarfing the larger ethnic groups. But they are there. And, for example, in 1994-1998 years, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine from the Crimea were my friend, ex-Chairman of the Bakhchisaray city Council and honorary citizen of Bakhchisarai Yuri Kogen, Karaite nationality. And it is not easy, as you whispered all around, the descendant of an ancient Karaite Royal family. He remained silent under questioning on the subject, but from 1996 to 2005 he was Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of “Autonomous”, then its honorary President, and from 2000 to 2006 — member of the Board of representatives of public organizations of national minorities of Ukraine.

Yuri Kogen is now 82 years old. But I repeat, it is. As it is, and its people. As is in all its glory in Kiev on Yaroslavov Val street building Karaite kenassas (prayer houses), “occupied” today the Ukrainian Union of theatrical figures. Gave this building to Kiev, a prominent and rich merchant Solomon Cohen, who invested in the construction of 125 thousand rubles. A native of Yalta, entrepreneur and philanthropist, tobacco industrialist and head of the Kyiv community of the Karaites, he founded the trading house “Cohen and Shishman” and at the turn of XIX-XX centuries in Kiev gradation of net income occupied the eighth place (before Brodskii and Tereshchenko). His tobacco factory “Imperial tobacco Production Ukraine” and is now working and included in the world’s fourth largest tobacco Empire “Imperial Tobacco Group”.

And I tell this to the fact that Solomon Cohen died in 1900 and was buried in Kiev on Zverinetska karaimskoe a cemetery. The Soviet regime was wiped off the face of the earth this churchyard, but Solomon, too, was not the other country, except Crimea. He, too, would have the right to autonomy, as it is today have Yuri Kogen, other Karaites, Krymchaks, Urums and the same descendants of the Slavs, the Italians, Genoese, Greeks, Romans, Armenians, Germans, Bulgarians, who appeared and were rooted in the Peninsula for centuries before the Crimean Tatars. And they also remember their history. They are also indigenous.

Disgusted to write about it, but to counter the Crimean Tatar political speculation from deportation under the Soviet power in the Crimea in the early 40-ies of the last century affected not only the Crimean Tatars. Were expelled from their homeland by about 60 thousand Crimean Germans, several hundred Italian families, during may–June 1944 from the Crimea were deported 15 040 Greeks, Bulgarians 12422, 9 620 of the Armenians.

They and their descendants have been able to return to their homeland. Most of all, almost 250 thousand, returned Crimean Tatars. And Ukraine has done a lot to ensure that returnees have regained their homeland. And when, after the 2014 coup in Ukraine scared Crimeans (including the majority of the Crimean Tatars) voted for the withdrawal to Russia, Moscow has continued to ensure the peaceful coexistence of the peoples of Crimea. On April 21, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On measures to rehabilitate Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Crimean Tatar and German peoples and state support for their revival and development”. In June, the state Council of the Crimea sent to the government submission with the proposal to include in the Unified list of indigenous numerically small peoples of the Russian Federation of Crimean Karaites and Krymchaks. In 2015, the culture-educational society “Krymchakhlar” re-registered as a Public organization “Crimean society of Krymchaks “Krymchakhlar”, which includes local national-cultural autonomy of city districts Krymchaks of Simferopol and Kerch.

And transfer such documents and actions can be infinite. Despite all the remaining problems and emerging troubles of different caliber and frequency, they provide more political stability in the Crimea. The fact that the majority of Crimean Tatars, unfortunately for Kiev wants to return to Ukraine. Reluctant and not “at gunpoint”, as I like to speak in Kiev and the Mejlis.

That’s what would would have to know the President Zelensky, falling into the Crimean hysteria and promising someone, “liberation and the return of the Crimea”. The Crimean Tatars have acquired in the Crimea their Homeland and big Motherland – Russia – until they fail. Including real things and not unrealistic promises. Source

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