Feb 27 2020

Ukrainian will represent Russia at Eurovision-2020 and the Ukraine the next scandal with the winner of the National selection

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Украинец представит Россию на Евровидении-2020, а на Украине очередной скандал с победителем Национального отбора

Russia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam will present a 35-year-old singer, a native of Zaporozhye Aleksandr Panayotov.It is reported Starhit.

The song with which the singer will perform on the musical competition, have not yet submitted. However, we know that to select a song for Eurovision Panayotova helped his producer Grigory Leps.

The musician was born in Zaporozhye, but not once took part in the Russian music projects: in 2003, took second place in the “people’s artist” on channel “Russia” in 2016, reached the final of the show “the Voice” on the Ground, after which became wards of the production center of Grigory Leps.

We will remind, to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest will be the group “Go_A”. Ukraine has a scandal broke out over a song which will carry the group in Rotterdam.

The ban on Ukraine songs in Russian, persecution of Russian artists nationalists was not enough, and they took the folklore of left-Bank Ukraine, as it was formed by “the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.”The proposal was made by the leader of the Ukrainian band “Antibody” Taras Poplar, criticizing the song “Nightingale” group “Go_A” — winners of the National selection “Eurovision-2020”.

“Finalist of the Ukrainian. selection for Eurovision 2020 is a concern. What we are trying to sell to ethnic… it’s not really ours! Not a native! It is well executed. This professionally. It’s beautiful. But… this song is about Vanyusha, who goes to the girl, and the Gothic aesthetics with images in the form of necromancy ziggurats is a pseudo — ethnic. It’s not even a third-rate coming out shareware brew, that’s the worst”, — he wrote on his page in the social network.

Moreover, Topol sees victory Go with the song A Nightingale “special operation” of Russia:

“This is an attempt to sell to Europe, pattern about Ukraine golodomornye, feeble. About the disadvantaged girl and Vanyusha — her favorite, whose mother (the people, narid) does not want to, but… not going anywhere. Because Vanya still went, goes and will go to the girl … wouldn’t be surprised if “John” (the one in the North) will put us at Eurovision 12 points. Everything will be in the context of the RAID. I really want to be wrong.”

After hit of criticism fans of “Go_A” to its address poplar in the air ObozTV did not make excuses, and generally called for a ban of the folklore of left-Bank Ukraine.

“I do not blame anyone, and expressed his point of view. What I saw: it’s really the folklore of the South and East of Ukraine; folklore of the left-Bank Ukraine, which is a very long time was under the Russian Empire”, — he said and compared the singer “Go_A” Yekaterina Pavlenko, the evil fairy Maleficent:

“The Eurovision song contest is not only music, but also geopolitical. You always have been. So I was concerned… it seems to Me that this room is a kind of “Chimera”. Blind this type of authentic Ukrainian folklore with the aesthetics of the Puzzle. The main character, Catherine, is similar to Maleficent. Plus the whole necromancy — mortalla story … it’s not mine. I don’t like it. I don’t want it associated with Ukraine today.”

In his opinion, Ukrainian energy “lighter”:

“Rather, it is bright, clean. And powerful. It is not saunina. But such images — they are for me and for a large part of Ukraine are not organic”.

“I say again. Let’s see when this song was written, in what part of Ukraine, under whom this part of Ukraine was. And now this narrative has been published in modern processing to the whole world”, — said the frontman of the band “Antibody”.

The representatives of Ukraine this year at the Eurovision song contest in the Netherlands, said the peers and “patriots” that there is no hidden meaning, and the group definitely did not want to “humiliate Ukraine”.

“We read the posts and Ukrainians are so many strange symbols found in this song. In fact, we did not put all of these meanings. And what they see there, I think it’s not our problem. We just do this to humiliate our Ukraine, did not put”, — said the soloist of the group Katerina Pavlenko

According to her, in case, “if the Ukrainians themselves are the characters, then it must be they have some such thoughts in his head.” Source

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