Feb 27 2020

“Madness of the brave we sing a song”: on the ice of lake Baikal the plane landed

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In the Internet appeared the video of the plane landing on the ice of lake Baikal, Novosibirsk which has made the traveler, reports “Vesti. Irkutsk”.The landing site was chosen in advance. In search of pure ice was held a preliminary exploration.

Being aware of all the risks this adventure, the author of the video admits that the first time applause at landing.

The plane flew the route from Listvyanka to the Peninsula Holy Nose.

Recall that on the lake was filmed many scenes of the movie “Ice 2”, released on February 14. Tape Director Jora Gooseberry was a real gift, which made the audience for Valentine’s Day. According to the latest data of the Unified automated information system (UAIS), box office receipts amounted to more than 1.1 billion rubles. Cinema is recommended to reserve tickets to “Ice 2” in advance — in the halls of the notices. Source

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