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Feb 14 2020

Little heroes of World War II

Patriotism is the most bashful and delicate feeling … Take care of holy words, do not shout about love for the Motherland at all crossroads. Better – silently work in the name of her good and power.

Sukhomlinsky V.A.
In recent times, patriotism has consisted in praising all the good that is in the fatherland; now this is not enough to be a patriot. Now, the inexorable censure and persecution of all the evil that we still have added to the praise of all the good.

Dobrolyubov N.A.
It is necessary for the welfare of the people to find all kinds of ways and try to stop all evil that causes harm to the homeland.

Krylov I.A.
Patriotism should not blind us; love of homeland is the action of a clear mind, and not blind passion.

Karamzin N.M.

Written by CIA

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