Aug 20 2019

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utz careers

We offer custom screens and stencils for Hybrid Circuits, Thick Film Packages, Ceramics Circuits, Solar Technology, and Fuel Cells. With over 40 years of manufacturing hybrid screens UTZ has proven it’s strength in this industry!

UTZ started manufacturing Hybrid Screens since their inception into the marketplace in 1968. Our Hybrid screens utilize only the best materials available on the marketplace today, from the finest Swiss woven wire and the best Italian made polyester to the very best emulsion vendors specific to your application. UTZ is heavily involved in manufacturing screens to every different application requiring screen printing. With a newly renovated facility and new Technical staffing UTZ is striving to lead the charge into the “Next Generation of Printing”. UTZ offers enhanced Stainless Steel meshes for increased tension and durability, we also offer trampoline mounted screens for the most demanding of print runs with amazing print to print registration.

Mesh Only (Mesh Adhered to frame)

Pre Sensitized (Mesh Adhered to frame and Emulsion coated to your specified thickness)

Imaged (Mesh Adhered to frame, Emulsion coated to your specification, Screen design imaged into emulsion for a “Print ready Screen”)

100% laser cut stencils on LPKF laser machine. UTZ offers superior quality laser cut stencils for many applications. We have multiple laser cutters providing superior accuracy and speed. The precision of a laser cut stencil helps eliminate bridging, improve paste release and improve consistency across the stencil. We have complete CAM capabilities to produce artwork for chemical etch applications.

UTZ offers multi thick stencils (Step down) for different levels of paste deposits.

Step up stencils are also available for contact side relieves. Framed SMT Stencils or glue-in stencils are laser cut solder paste stencil foils permanently mounted in a stencil frame using a mesh border to tightly stretch the stencil foil taut in the frame. Framed SMT Stencils are designed for high volume screen printing. All of our laser cut stencils provide optimum solder paste volume control. Framed SMT Stencils have smooth aperture walls with trapezoid openings and can be used for assemblies including sub 16 mil pitch, Micro-BGA and even 0201 components.

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