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Jan 20 2020

Charities that collect items

Charities that collect items-Charities that collect items
Charities that collect items-Details about how to arrange the collection of bulky items from your home.

Charities that collect items

Bulky item collection

Middlesbrough Mayor, Andy Preston, has announced a three month trial of free bulky waste collections for residents, beginning in June. Offering free collection of bulky waste will remove any barriers stopping residents getting rid of large or heavy waste items responsibly, and help to reduce fly tipping and dumped rubbish across the town. Details of how to book a bulky waste collection can be found further down the page.

About bulky waste

Bulky household waste is waste or rubbish that can’t go into your wheelie bin. The council has a service to collect bulky items. The service is available to all household residents in Middlesbrough and is offered in addition to the weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling collections. Examples of some of the kind of items we collect are:
  • fridge
  • freezer
  • television
  • electrical items
  • washing machine
  • furniture
  • cooker
  • microwave
  • TV
  • computer
  • sofa
  • bed
Please note, we’re unable to remove any items which are 6ft or over. Businesses which need a number of items removing must request a one-off collection, not a bulky waste collection.

Before we remove your items

Before requesting that we collect any items, have you considered whether they can be donated to charity? Many charities will collect items from your home free of charge.

Arranging collection of items

You can request a free bulky waste collection by calling 01642 726001. The previous fee of £10 per collection has been removed for a three month trial period. Please note only one electrical waste collection and one non-electrical waste collection to the previous value of £10 is free per household, free collections allow up to a maximum of five items to be removed depending on size. You will be charged if you want more than this amount of waste removing. Our three month trial of free bulky waste collections for residents has been very popular so far. However, due to the large number of bookings we’ve had, almost all the time slots for the next few months have been taken. When you phone up and make a booking, the Customer Centre will be able to tell you the length of wait for a collection in your area. Please be assured, if you make a booking for a free collection during the three month trial period, your collection will be free even if it takes place after the trial period has ended. If you need to dispose of unwanted items immediately, you can still take them to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Haverton Hill. You’ll be given a date and advice about how to present your items for collection. We’ll normally only make collections from outside the property, as our staff cannot enter your home to remove items. We have to arrange separate collections for electrical and non-electrical items, as due to environmental legislation, certain types of waste can’t be mixed together when collected.

Please note if you arrange to have any glass collected, the glass must be taped, bubble-wrapped, or smashed up and placed in a box and securely taped up.


Charities that collect items


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