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Arizona Humane Society


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Mission: Every pet deserves a good life. With a vision to end animal suffering, we rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals. AHS is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization and is not affiliated with any other local, state or national humane groups. Your gift saves pets within our community. Target demographics: Sick, injured and absused animals Direct beneficiaries per year: 13,000 pets Geographic areas served: Arizona Programs: AHS’ programs include shelter services and adoptions, low-cost spay-neuter services, and the Second Chance Animal Hospital, where animals receive life-saving veterinary care before being placed up for adoption. As the state-designated companion animal disaster response organization for Arizona, we provide emergency services to companion animals in natural disasters. On a local basis, we also provide animal paramedic services, rescue animals from cruelty or neglect, and lobby for more stringent animal welfare laws. We also offer temporary housing for the animals of domestic violence victims, military personnel and individuals facing a short-term personal crisis.

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AHS has many fantastic programs and they work hard at finding homes for all the homeless pets! I have donated money and supplies plus our Boy Scout troop at the time volunteered and made cat scratching posts and donated all four to AHS. It’s nice that you can see your donations at work during shelter visits! They are number one in my eyes for all they do to service the community and beyond. Share this review: Flag review New Experiences: At AHS I’ve experienced many new things. I always wanted to dress up as a mascot and got to wear the dog costume at a variety of events, be on tv and even get on the field at Bank One Ballpark! I love the fashion show every year as well as the telethon. From speaking to kids in schools to dressing up as Santa Claus and taking pictures with people’s pets which I never thought I’d do! Going to happy hours at posh venues and showing puppies at a variety of storefronts and organizations, just to name a few. Share this review: Flag review I have been volunteering for the Arizona Humane Society for several months now. Even though they only ask 4 hours per month, I volunteer at least 12 hours per month. The staff is very kind and the work they do is extremely important. I never realized how many DIFFERENT things the AZ Humane Society does for the whole community, not just the animals. They have thrift stores that sell not only animal products cheaper than the name brand stores, but clothing and appliances for humans as well. They have a public clinic that spays, neuters and vaccinates pets from low income families. The have a pet hospital for severely abused and/or neglected animals. They have a large foster system in place. I am having a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience working with them. Share this review: Flag review I donate money to Arizona Humane Society, but I also donate my time as a volunteer. The Arizona Humane Society is an excellent place to volunteer. You’ll receive an 8 hour in person training and then they get you scheduled for “on the job training”. You’re well prepared for being a volunteer by the time you do it. I have been volunteering to socialize with cats in the Cat Isolation ward since August 2015. What a wonderful experience – the cats are getting people time which helps them heal more quickly, but I’m also getting cats on my lap time. There is nothing more tranquil than a half-asleep cat purring on your lap and kneading your legs. Not only have the animal experiences been great, but the people at the Arizona Humane Society are wonderful. They always thank me for my volunteer time and are happy to answer questions and get to know me. I can’t recommend this high enough for the experience I’ve had so far. Share this review: Flag review I absolutely love being a foster parent for the Arizona Humane Society. Everyone there is very concerned about the animals in their care. They are very dedicated to improving the lives of the animals they deal with, as well as helping members of the general community, either with “free” spay/neuter days, EMT support, and reasonably priced clinics. I have been fostering for over three years, and have noticed the push from the AHS to do more for their community and animals. They are also very supportive of me, as a volunteer foster parent, and offer many suggestions about animals I have. They are all very friendly and supportive. I recently had to have one of my own cats euthanized, and they were very supportive in that situation also. I am proud to be associated with this organization. Share this review: Flag review I began volunteering a little over a year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have really come to admire the work that the Arizona Humane Society does. They are constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to help more animals. As a volunteer, they have lots of options to get involved so we can feel comfortable in whatever role we choose. I primarily volunteer at one of their shelter/boutique locations. I think that it says a lot about the organization that we have repeat visitors who come in week after week to see the newest animals or check in with their favorites. I get lots of questions from people asking about a particular shelter animal; one they are genuinely concerned about. I think that people take a genuine interest in the animals and I think that has a lot to do with the open environment and the way the AHS represents itself. Share this review: Flag review There are so many caring people working and volunteering for this organization. The animals are always well cared for and they have a great social media team in place to really get the word out and increase adoptions, thereby increasing the number of animal lives saved! Share this review: Flag review I both volunteer with AHS and have adopted from them. Very professional and really put the animals first. Share this review: Flag review I have watched the local Pets on Parade for many years. As a result of this I have been drawn to commit to volunteer for a number of years. Finally in Feb of 2015 I committed to serve as a volunteer. I love my volunteer job and the other volunteers and staff members are all so loving, kind and caring. I am still a working member of society and at times it can be a scramble for me but I love being a volunteer at Arizona Humane Society so much and to see all of the critters that we help to find new loving forever homes. Share this review: Flag review I am a practicing attorney so my free time is not ample. It took me quite a while to decide on a non-profit to volunteer with. I decided on AHS after researching their many community outreach programs (benefitting animals) and observing how active the Board is. Having volunteered for six months now, I couldn’t be more impressed with how well-organized and committed this organization is. I’m so impressed, I even solicited my wife to begin volunteering. We love AHS! Share this review: Flag review I have been a volunteer ar AZHSUS for over 2 years now and I continue to be amazed at the dedication of the staff do always do the best they can for homeless animals and supporting the community with innovate programs. I am proud to be a part of such a great group of people that go above and beyond to do great things for our pets. Share this review: Flag review I have been supporting the Arizona Humane Society for many years. I firmly believe in all the excellent work they do for the animals. I now volunteer for this organization, which I’m very proud to do. As a volunteer I have had the pleasure of witnessing first hand the joy of adoptions. Many animals are finding their furever homes, and without the Arizona Humane Society, many would not ever experience the love they deserve! Share this review: Flag review I have previously volunteered at 2 shelters in New Mexico. When I moved to AZ almost 2 years ago, my NM shelter friends highly recommended volunteering with Arizona Humane Society. After doing extensive research on AHS and other shelters, I knew AHS would be the best place to volunteer. This organization has far exceeded my expectations. The training to become a volunteer in your chosen department is very thorough and I have found both volunteers AND STAFF to be very friendly. In my previous experience, I was treated as “just a volunteer” but not at AHS. Here, everyone is treated the same. I currently volunteer in Adoptions on the weekends and it’s very rewarding and provides great opportunity to work as a team with either another volunteer or staff.
I have since adopted and dog from Arizona Humane that was brought in by their EAMTs (Emergency Animal Medical Technicians). This little 1 year old terrier mix had been hit by a car and just left on the side of the road. The impact caused a Diaphragmatic Hernia meaning his “insides” were pushed up into his chest and he was having a hard time breathing. Our EAMT’s were called and rescued this little guy and rushed him to Second Chance Animal Hospital where he had emergency hernia surgery. He also had a pelvic fracture and a severe fractured back leg. His pelvic fracture healed but the leg did not, so they chose the amputate the leg. When I first saw him in the shelter, he was a scared little puppy but I knew there was a great dog in there somewhere and just needed a chance. We ended up naming him Chance and he runs and jumps like any dog with four legs. I could go on and on about AHS because they are not just a great place to volunteer but also a great place to adopt. Share this review: Flag review The Arizona Humane Society helps all of the members of the community get involved in saving the lives of animals. They raise awareness by handing out information packets, throwing fundraisers, going on TV, driving around their Waggin’ Wheels bus, having adoption specials, and so much more! If I knew that an animal needed help, I would call the AZHS because I know that that animal would get the best help possible and an opportunity at a better life. The animals that are up for adoption are so loved and cared for by all of the staff and are given the best possible homes. The Arizona Humane Society is a great organization that lives and breaths animal wellbeing. Share this review: Flag review

The AZ Humane Society has given me so many great volunteering opportunities. I have been able to participate in their weekly viewing of Pets on Parade as well as travel on the Waggin’ Wheels Adoption truck. This work helps me to give back and share my love of animals with furry friends who have not been shown love or had someone care for them. This not only helps me give back but it also helps me to relax and is a constant stress reliever in my crazy life. Recently I adopted a little girl, Mailani, that the Second Chance Hospital personnel and volunteers saved after she had been hit by a car. I am eternally grateful for all of the people that were involved with her treatment. Thank you AZ humane for not only giving me so many great opportunities but also for saving my baby girl!


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