Jan 18 2020

Cupones de bath and body

Cupones de bath and body-Cupones de bath and body
Cupones de bath and body-A huge selection of the most up-to-date shoes in every imaginable style for choosey women. Find & order your perfect shoes at the Esprit Online Shop.

Women’s shoes by Esprit

Shoes complete any outfit and do much more besides: a change of shoes can transform us and our personal look from one second to the next. From carefully maintained sneakers to well-loved booties, every woman has her very own special pair of shoes that go with her through thick and thin. Which of us isn’t familiar with the great feeling we get from our absolute favourites, or how effortlessly platform shoes or wedges conjure up a fantastic silhouette, and how magical our walk becomes simply through the addition of a slightly raised heel? Our favourite shoes stay with us for years – so shoes are an integral part of our personal biography.

All the shoes you might need: a new day and anything could happen

Your best friend is getting married: her final 24 hours of freedom belong just to the two of you for celebrating, reminiscing, laughing and weaving elaborate dreams of the future. It’s a day for celebrating your friendship. There’s no time to lose! No sooner has the sun come up but you’re out of bed and into a pair of leggings and mixed material sneakers or sneaker booties. Just a short jog along the street but at a cracking pace. You revel in the fresh morning air and the tranquillity of the streets and watch as the sunlight scatters and dances through the foliage. The first oven-fresh croissants are ready at the great little baker shop on the corner. Half an hour later you ring your best friend’s doorbell dressed in chinos, a top and light suede moccasins. What, still asleep? No way! Time for a leisurely, uplifting breakfast with a fruit salad and caffè latte. You both fall back into the living room sofa, your feet tucked into soft fur-lined booties, your heads full of ideas for the day. Wellness programme? Shopping trip? Yoga in the park? Browse old photos? Or everything, one after the other.

Women’s shoes – just for you: any time, any place

After an intensive beauty programme for the bride-to-be and you, you both want to get out and about. All the important things have been taken care of; now all that remains to do is to enjoy your day off together. Wearing a sheath dress and ballerina shoes with wedge heels you’re perfectly kitted out for long excursions through the town centre revelling in your nonchalant femininity. The same goes for your friend in her black skinny jeans and suede ankle boots. What would best friends be without a few contrasts? The day flies by as you stroll, take in the sights and chat. You follow your noses with no particular objective in mind and enjoy the busyness in the streets around you. A final trip to the park and then back to the house to get ready for the evening: glamour is the name of the game. Dinner at your favourite Italian restaurant needs a special outfit. Soft shiny jeggings with black stiletto pumps or a softly hanging jersey dress with high-heel platform shoes? The only thing that is certain is that things won’t stop after the meal. Whether you hit a lounge club or a cocktail bar – this evening needs to be enjoyed to the max. What better way to complete your outfit and complement your plans than a pair of traditional wedges or feminine high-leg boots? You and your friend soon become an integral part of the pulsating night life all around you: together you can do anything – just like in the good old days. Why not use every day to experience something special? Make plans for the future and make the best of the present. Be your own unique self – with women’s shoes from Esprit.


Cupones de bath and body

SOURCE: http://www.esprit.co.uk/women/shoes/ankle-boots

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