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Enterprise discount code-More and more companies are implementing social software for employee use, and many more that aren't find that employees are taking advantage of services

FIR Interview: Niall Cook on Enterprise 2.0

October 7, 2008 by Neville Hobson

More and more companies are implementing social software for employee use, and many more that aren’t find that employees are taking advantage of services that exist outside the firewall in order to do their work more collaboratively. One of the first books to appear on this subject is Enterprise 2.0: How Social Software Will Change the Future of Work, by Niall Cook of Hill & Knowlton, the global PR agency. In this FIR Interview, Niall provides an overview of the book and explores some of the issues arising from integrating social media into an organization. Niall has arranged a 20% discount code on the book for FIR listeners. Visit the Enterprise 2.0 site and use the discount code G8AQL20. Listen to this podcast now: Get this podcast: About our Conversation Partner

Niall Cook is the Worldwide Director of Marketing Technology at communications consultancy Hill & Knowlton. He frequently advises the agency’s Fortune 500 clients on the effective use of technology to support internal and external marketing strategy.

Prior to joining Hill & Knowlton, he held positions at the online currency beenz.com, Answerthink Consulting Group, UBS and Reed Elsevier. He hold an honours degree in Typography & Graphic Communication and lives in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

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Reader Interactions

Alice says

Interesting podcast. I’m already curious to read the book. I think that Niall has made an important step in educating business people about Enterprise 2.0. It’s strange that we don’t have a book on Enterprise 2.0 from Andrew McAfee yet. His blog makes a great reading though. He already has many followers, like Andrew Filev of Wrike, for example, who writes the Project Management 2.0 blog.

Niall Cook says

Thanks Alice. I agree with you about Andrew McAfee – he was the first to publish his thoughts in this field and no doubt has much more to say.

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Enterprise discount code

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