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Nov 30 2019

Hair donation near me

Hair donation near me-Hair donation near me
Hair donation near me-

Donate Hair

Thinking of having a sponsored haircut? Thank you. Ever wondered what happens to your lovely locks once you’ve donated them to The Little Princess Trust? Watch this short film to find out.

We are very proud of the amazing high-quality, real-hair wigs that we produce. We truly value your donations, so before your sponsored haircut, please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your hair donation is the correct length and in the best possible condition to be used in our wigs.

General Info & Gu >

Hair Donation Slip

Please complete this form and include it with your hair donation.

Hair Donation Guide

To ensure we can use your valuable hair donation, please download and follow these guidelines.

Hair we can use

  • All hair donated to us must be in excellent condition
  • Our greatest need is for hair donations that are 16″ (41cm) or longer
  • We encourage all of our growers to keep growing until at least 12″ (30cm)
  • We can accept a minimum length of 7”/17cm
  • Clean, dry hair, from any gender (please do not send us wet hair – it will not dry properly and is not usable)
  • Great condition (no split ends) and of any natural colour
  • Straight, wavy or chemically straightened
  • Curly hair – please see our curl chart guidelines in our FAQs for further information
  • Grey hair – we can accept hair with limited amounts of grey content. Find out more
  • Permanently dyed;* bleached/highlighted hair (*if dye is of a natural colour and overall condition of hair is good)
  • Ponytail/s cut a maximum of 5 years ago, if preserved and in good condition (find out more, here)
  • We accept hair from within and outside the UK. For more information on overseas donations, click here

Sorry, we cannot use hair that is…

  • Less than 7”/17cm long
  • Dyed an unnatural colour (blue, purple, etc)
  • Henna-dyed hair
  • Dreadlocks cannot be used in our wigs. Part of the preparation to blend hair donations together involves combining individual strands of hair. All hair must be able to be combed to separate these individual hairs
  • Hair extensions. Find out more, here
  • Very tightly curled hair – our wig maker is not a specialist in working with tightly curled hair. We do supply tightly curled wigs by either curling the hair after the wig has been made, or by using a specialist supplier. Click here for more information
  • Don’t despair if you can’t donate your hair! Click here to discover other ways that you can support LPT!

Cutting & donating your hair

  • Wash and DRY your hair (we cannot accept wet hair – it does not dry in the post and will not be suitable if you have dried it after cutting on a radiator or other heat source)
  • Do not use conditioner or styling products
  • Put your dry hair into a ponytail/s
  • Secure at both ends with a hair band, and one halfway down
  • Ask your hairdresser to cut above the top band
  • Put the cut ponytail/s into a cardboard or heavyweight paper envelope
  • Include your completed Hair Donation Slip
The Little Princess Trust
Broadway House
32-35 Broad Street
  • Please have your parcel weighed to make sure you purchase the right postage
  • Include your email address, clearly written, using this Hair Donation Slip, so that we can email you a certificate of thanks

Important information

  • We cannot provide photographs of the child receiving a wig
  • We cannot provide pictures of a wig made from your hair
  • Just having your long hair cut is great; you don’t have to go for the whole shave
  • Please think very carefully before having your hair cut, to be certain you want to go ahead
  • If you’re under 16, you must obtain permission from your parent/guardian before the haircut
  • The final decision as to whether or not your hair will be used is made by our wig makers
Thank you for your fantastic donation. To ensure we can use your valuable contribution, please follow this 4-step guide.

Wash hair and dry thoroughly. Do not use conditioner or styling products. Put hair into ponytail/s.

Secure ponytails at both ends with a hair band, and one halfway down (or at regular intervals for longer hair). Ask your hairdresser to cut above the top band.

Place cut hair in a zip lock/resealable bag, inside a cardboard or heavyweight paper envelope. Include your completed Donation Slip. Have your envelope weighed to ensure the correct postage.

Post the envelope to us at: The Little Princess Trust, Broadway House, 32-35 Broad Street, Hereford. HR4 9AR. UK. Keep In Touch We love to keep in touch with our supporters! Be the first to hear our news and find out how you can continue to support us.


Hair donation near me


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