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Nov 9 2019

Lady gaga conspiracy

Lady gaga conspiracy-Lady gaga conspiracy
Lady gaga conspiracy-The most bonkers conspiracy theory ever claims Lady Gaga used to be a backup dancer who MURDERED a rising pop star and stole her identity If you thought the ‘Paul is dead’ theory was barmy,

The most bonkers conspiracy theory ever claims Lady Gaga used to be a backup dancer who MURDERED a rising pop star and stole her identity

If you thought the ‘Paul is dead’ theory was barmy, you’ll find it difficult to get your head around this one

  • Sophie Roberts
  • 24 Nov 2016, 20:09

CONSPIRACY theorists have been harassing Lady Gaga with chilling accusations since 2008.

A bizarre internet hoax accuses the six-time Grammy Award winner of KILLING off one of her rivals and then covering up the evidence.

On one online forum, users have put together a list of ‘proof’ that supports the bonkers theory.

The website alleges that Lady Gaga hoped to work as a backing dancer for rising star Lina Morgana.

They also claim that in a bitter act of jealousy, the global megastar pushed Lina off a building in order to steal her fame.

The forum states: “2 weeks later, Lady Gaga starts her meteoric rise.

“Nearly all the styles Lady Gaga uses today stem from Lina’s own style”.

Why did you push lina morgana off that building? @ladygaga #AYO

As some barmy fans are convinced by this bogus urban legend, they’ve taken to social media to bombard Gaga for answers.

Last month, one asked: “Why did you push lina morgana off that building?”

Another accused: “Lady Gaga pushed Lina Morgana off the roof and stole her identity.”

Some conspiracy theorists have gone a step further, piecing together random coincidences to back up their false claims.

One Twitter user has placed pictures of the pair side-by-side, accusing megastar Gaga of ripping off Lina’s style.

Others allege that Lady Gaga has been leaving subliminal messages in one of her music videos.

Rumours that Lina passed away by jumping off a building are rife – but some believe that she was pushed.

In a scene from Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi music video, the storyline sees the artist thrown from a balcony by her lover.

Another moment in the video shows the front page of a newspaper, which reads: “Lady No More Gaga.”

Some theorists have believe that there is too much similarity in the words “More Gaga” and Lina’s name “Morgana” to be a coincidence.

Even though Lady Gaga has been hounded with these false accusations for years, there are some fans that have come forward to stick up for the star.

In the comment section of a recent conspiracy theory video, a supporter revealed that there was no way the theory could be true.

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They said: “Lady Gaga was in Los Angeles, getting ready to travel to Ibiza where she filmed Poker Face video on 3rd, October of 2008.

“After the filming she went as an opening act for ‘The New Kids On The Block’, she wasn’t even in the city when Lina died.”

It’s not the first bizarre conspiracy to take the world by storm over the years.

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Lady gaga conspiracy


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