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Nov 9 2019

Interesting conspiracy theories

Interesting conspiracy theories-Interesting conspiracy theories
Interesting conspiracy theories- – Are you in search of the newest illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the newest developments of the…

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Interesting Conspiracy Theories

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Не понравилось? – Are you in search of the newest illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the newest developments of the New World order ? Well look no further !! You search end here ! With us !! Because what you’re about to discover and be expose to, is some of the most shocking Illuminati truths to be unveiled for the first time ever ! The Controversy, bloodlines, blood money, the list goes on.

These illuminati truths may be the most shocking revelation you have witnessed.

Interesting Conspiracy Theories :

Furthermore, I’m sure you are in an agreement that any reports posted here on the date this video was uploaded to YouTube would not be current at all. Therefore, we kindly direct you to for all the latest reports and more !

The video itself was shown and recorded in Google hangouts to a large group of people with a universal interest, and uploaded to YouTube for educational purpose. We at are the first to admit that the video quality is less than perfect, but we hope that this doesn’t damper you experience, as we truly value your time here !

And just to add to your experience whilst you’re here with us : We will like to share the following information, which we consider to be of real interest and value.

So let’s get busy.

Interesting Conspiracy Theories :

What is the New World Order that so many people have been talking about? What is the Illuminati? Who are these people who have so much power and control over the masses of people who they rob of their existence? Is there really a thing as a global plan for world domination? Let’s really examine this theory to see if it has merit.

By definition the illuminati is a group of people that can be found in the entertainment and financial industry, science and technology, global politics and the education system. Who want the world to be ruled under one government, one language, one currency, and one religious doctrine. When you really question these claims, most religions fall closely under many of these concepts. If you look at Christianity, most Christians believe that all people should be washed in the blood of the Lamb and follow Jesus Christ. This is the only way to salvation and eternal life after death. In essence, the Christians want a “New World” where everyone is Christian. The Book of Revelation even speaks about a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 22:1).

Most religions see a kingdom that is ruled by their belief. They view others religions as wrong or religions of the devil. They feel that if everyone were the religion that they practice, the world would be a better place. So the ideology of a “New World Order” is not inheritably evil. It is really a natural feeling for people not to accept others who are different from themselves.

So where does the evil come from in the “New World Order” doctrine ?

It comes from the fact that in this New World Order, the “God” that they have you worshipping is Satan, the Devil, Diablo, Shaytaan, or whatever name he is called by. The biggest trick they have used is convincing you to worship this being without you even knowing it, as perfectly demonstrated in our video above.

Interesting Conspiracy Theories :

Even though recognized for decades as a secret club of which little was known, over the last 10 years the exposure and profile of the illuminati has grown at a considerable rate, largely due to a succession of Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Unfortunately one of the problems with this recent media exposure of the illuminati is that in many cases disinformation has accompanied the presentation of this club thus negating a true understanding of the real danger associated with their agenda, which was prophesied just under 2000 years ago.

So there you have it !

To hear more powerful evidence to support the coming creation of a one world government, a free 20 page shocking report awaits you at

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Interesting Conspiracy Theories

Interesting Conspiracy Theories

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Interesting conspiracy theories


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