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Nov 9 2019

Kasauti zindagi ki 2 gossip

Kasauti zindagi ki 2 gossip-Kasauti zindagi ki 2 gossip
Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2В Upcoming Story , Spoilers , Latest News and Episode Summary

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 Upcoming Story , Spoilers , Latest News and Episode Summary

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 Upcoming Story , Spoilers , Latest News and Episode Summary

On this Page You can read Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 Upcoming Story , Spoilers , Latest News and Latest gossip

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 Prerna Realises her feelings

Prerna gets extremely angry on anurag for calling her insensible and not of her type . She argues with anurag and confronts anurag for his conversation with his friend . Anurag yells back at prerna . He is shocked that prerna is not even thankful for saving her life . Prerna returns back home and shivani asks her about her 1st day at job . Prerna tells her the whole story . Shivani understands that prerna is feeling insecure and jealous . She starts teasing her . Prerna spills out that she has feelings for anurag . Shivani catches her red handed and tells her to have faith in her feelings . Prerna realises that she is falling in love with anurag .

Kasauti zindagi Ki 2 Moloy gives job to prerna

Moloy tells prerna that if she wants to pay the loan of her father she will have to accept his job offer of personal secretary . He will pay her Rs. 50000 per month for her job . Prerna hesistantly accepts the job offer . Prerna goes to Basu House for her job and it is her 1st day at the job . She sees anurag and starts blushing . She remembers everything anurag did for her in order to save her from getting married to naveen . Moloy asks her to bring a file from the room . She goes to the room and she hears anurag telling his friend that prerna is not of his type . She gets angry on anurag and fights with him .

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 : Madhuri saves naveen

Anurag and his family were about to call the police and send naveen to the jail when madhuri took out the knife and she told naveen to run away . Madhuri tells everyone not to call the police as she cannot see naveen behind the bars . She loves naveen and wants to stay with him for life . She and naveen ran towards their car and locked the main door of the house . Anurag breaks the door and tries to chase naveen but he ran away with madhuri . Prerna and her family return to their home Back .

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 : Anurag Presents the Evidence against Navin

Anurag’s friend arrives there and he tells the whole family the truth about naveens marriage . He tells that he has seen naveen and madhuri’s marriage certificate . Naveen finally speaks the truth that he tried to kill anurag . He was responsible for anurag’s accident . Mohini gets shocked on knowing that her brother tried to kill anurag . Anurag tells everyone that navin married many girls with fake names and sold them for money . He presents naveen’s passport in front of the whole family . He tells everyone that madhuri supported him in bringing this truth in front of everyone . He lost naveen’s passport but madhuri found it and gave it to him back .

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 : Naveen’s truth comes out in front of the whole family

Naveen gets shocked to see madhuri sitting in the mandap instead of prerna . He loses his temper over madhuri and starts blaming her . He raises questions over her character in order to hide his truth . Madhuri breaks her silence and tells the whole truth to the family . She tells the family that naveen was about to sell prerna to mark for money after his marriage with prerna . Everyone gets shocked on knowing the truth . Madhuri tells everyone that she supported naveen in his plan just because of her kids . She hadn’t met her kids since 1 year because of naveen as he has not allowed her to meet their kids .

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 : Anurag Kidnaps Prerna

Anurag tells prerna to go from the other door as people will notice her and raise questions where she was . He forcefully takes her to a room . He tells prerna that he knows about her money problem . He tells her that she should have tried something else for getting 15 lakh rupees rather than marrying a man twice her age . Prerna breaks down and she tells him that she tried everything to solve the issue . She tried for personal loan and she didn’t get it because her papers were not complete . She tried to get the loan by using her brother’s papers but she failed . She tried calling moloy but she couldn’t speak to him about the issue . She tells anurag to let her go and marry naveen . Anurag uses chloroform on his handkerchief and prerna gets unconscious . He locks prerna in a room .


Kasauti zindagi ki 2 gossip


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