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Home depot granite

Home depot granite-Home depot granite
Home depot granite-I purchased granite from Home Depot and their third party company installed two year ago. Early spring I started seeing some defect on the surface and contacted Home Depot for warranty claim.

Home Depot Granite Countertops Consumer Reviews

HOWELL, MICHIGAN — Granite Defects showed up in 6 months. Home Depot department specialist said “we charge $150 to visit your home to see if it’s warranty” albeit the company that showed up says that is a false statement. After two months go by, a faulty repair is made using grinders and epoxy. More supervisors contacted, another repair attempt failed. Home Depot sends a check for $200 to us for our trouble. Thanks Home Depot you really have shown us the customer is number one.

Bottom line, Home Depot does not understand customer service and has no idea how to handle Home Remodeling. We have 2 repair attempts both stated not fixed right, along with signed paperwork stating the same. District Specialist Rob ** no help, actually a complete time waster. I wonder how many times Home Depot talked its customers out of their rightful warranty? Next stop for my wife and I will be litigation. Thanks Home Depot.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — I purchased granite from Home Depot and their third party company installed two year ago. Early spring I started seeing some defect on the surface and contacted Home Depot for warranty claim. The warranty company told me to call the installer. The installer wanted $250 to come and evaluate the damage.

I filed a complaint with BBB and a day later, the operation manager called to schedule a visit at no charge. He claimed that the surface is ok for the stone. I asked him to show me a finished product from his store for the same type of granite. I see a huge difference between what is in my kitchen and a finished product. The person who showed me the pieces claimed that the material is normal but will be willing to come out and polish at no cost to me. Now I am thinking something is wrong because the manufacturer is trying to hide something from me.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA — I had the Home Depot install a granite countertop. About 14 months after installation, a hairline crack appeared on the countertop in front of the sink. I called the store and they sent someone to look into it. We were told that we must have cracked the countertop and that it was no longer under warranty. They refused to take responsibility and said that it would cost $1,000 to repair.

It has now been almost 3 years since installation. The hairline crack has now “spidered” and is 17 inches long and the granite is sinking. The crack is wide enough for food to get stuck in there. I have repeatedly tried to have this store address the problem and they keep ignoring me! They’ve had so many different managers in the last 3 years that I just keep getting lost in their changes and no one cares.

The most recent manager gave me false hopes of finally resolving this matter. He told me he would call me “tomorrow” to set up an appointment to come over and see the damages for himself. It has now been 4 weeks and I have not heard from him. I will NEVER again buy anything from the Home Depot.

NEW YORK — As part of a total kitchen renovation in 2007, Home Depot supplied and installed all the cabinetry and granite countertops. In upstate NEW YORK, all HD granite is supplied and installed by INNOVATIVE STONE’S Syracuse NY shop. Two years after the granite and undermount sink were installed, a 1/8″ gap developed between the sink and the granite, water was leaking into the cabinet. An inspection under the sink revealed why this occurred.

The sink clips holding the sink to the granite were: 1) too few in number (compared to sink manufacturer recommendations), 2) the clips were bending due to being flimsy and too few supporting the sink, 3) the clips were not evenly spaced around the perimeter of the sink (per the sink manufacturer’s recommendations) – there were no clips across the entire 36″ front of the sink, 4) some of the clip screws had loosened due to waste disposal vibration as the screws had not been dressed with Loctite or even silicone caulk. Clearly this sink was improperly installed.

When I contacted the selling HOME DEPOT on Washington Ave. in Albany NY, I was curtly told it was past the 1-year installation warranty and there would be a $250 fee to reset and re-caulk the sink. After many calls to HD’s Atlanta headquarters, HD agreed to reset the sink and absorb the $250 fee. The same people from INNOVATIVE STONE reset the sink. After they finished I again viewed the underside of the sink. All the initial install faults described above were still present – my sink is certain to fall again!! I sent an email with pictures to the regional HD installations manager and to HD Atlanta.

After several weeks, I received a call from INNOVATIVE STONE’S Syracuse NY shop stating my sink was installed properly, and this is how they install all their sinks! Subsequently I received a letter stating the same from HD Atlanta. SINCE HD ATLANTA CORPORATE SAYS THIS SHODDY DEFECTIVE GRANITE/SINK INSTALL MEETS THEIR “STANDARDS,” MY RECOMMENDATION IS TO SAVE YOURSELF A TON OF GRIEF. DO NOT BUY HOME DEPOT GRANITE.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE — The company that Home Depot in Delaware uses to install granite uses workers that do not know what they are doing. Very poor quality work. They came to my house three times and still did not get it right. I realize now that I made a huge mistake by purchasing granite from Home Depot. I went to Home Depot to explain the problem that I had with the installers and they just wasted my time by telling me that someone would come to my house to see the terrible work that the installers did and no one showed up. I would never purchase or recommend Home Depot for granite to anyone.

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA — WARNING. Don’t trust Home Depot or their subcontractors. We spent $5,800.00 for a granite countertop for our kitchen. Home Depot contracted the job out to Sosa Granite in Livermore, California. As soon as the installation was completed, we noticed multiple defects in the granite (e.g., a crack all the way through the granite from the sink to the edge of the counter, multiple chips that I can stick the end of my finger into, numerous deep scratches).

When I called Sosa Granite to voice my concern, ** was rude and insulting. He insisted that granite doesn’t crack, chip, or scratch, and noted that I must be lying, stupid, or crazy if I thought that the granite was damaged. He dispatched a technician, who filled in the imaginary crack, chips, and scratches with epoxy. If we wanted defective merchandise and a patch job, we wouldn’t have spent that much money.

Do not ever buy granite countertops and installation from Home Depot. We have big problems with our installation. It has been 18 months and still no resolution. We are still waiting for the 3rd backsplash, cut incorrectly, too short. They cut into our wall which was perfectly straight. They put our granite sink in crooked. Seam is coming apart on countertop. Measured 1/4 inch incorrectly. They know they did it wrong.

Want to give us a $500 gift card out of the goodness of their heart. We want resolution to the problems. Also we had the no-interest financing for 12 months, had it extended once for 6 months, had it extended for another, at least we were told it would be from the local store. The associate wrote on our bill that we had a six-month extension. Why should we pay when issue not resolved?

Guess what, we received our bill and the extension was not put on and we are now billed over $900 finance charge. They said they can’t extend over 18 mo, but did not contact us at all to tell us that. Even though we have it in writing that they would. They will not do anything else for us. Have contacted the BBB twice. Have the worst customer service. Do not care about the consumer. Our installers could not speak English. I will only go to Menards and Lowe’s. They have lost so many customers because of their poor quality installation and management.

BRADENTON, FLORIDA — If anyone reads this, please please listen how horrible my situation had become with Home Depot and NEVER EVER have them install anything!

OK, my wife and I were remodeling our house. On a visit to the Home Depot store, my wife picked out a granite countertop (for the kitchen) she wanted installed. After measuring it out, I came back to the store to purchase it installed. The bill came to 5,400.00. I purchase a new granite sink, and a 200.00 faucet. Total bill $5,800.00. A week later, three non-English speaking guys come out to make the template. They also take my sink because it’s needed to put on a computer to make the cutouts. No problem.

A day before the installation (Monday, installation is set for Tuesday), a guy calls me from the granite company and leaves a message that there is a problem with the sink. I call him the very next morning since they were closed by the time I got the message. He asked me several questions about my sink, saying there was a mix-up and please describe the sink. Finally he says, “Oh! OK we got it.”

Two hours later, a woman from the company calls and tells me they cannot make it out that day. I say, “What?” I took out my sink to make it easier for the guys to take out the old countertop. After telling me it isn’t her fault and to not get upset with her, she gives a phone to a guy. The guy says that they have to cut the opening for the sink and it’s not something that can be done in a few minutes. Granite requires hours and polishing. So I say, “OK, next day then?” “Yes, no problem,” he says.

The next day, they arrive at 9 am. Two guys who don’t speak English. One guy starts to take out my old countertop and the other sets up sawhorses in my driveway and starts to cut the opening to the sink. Fine, I say to myself since it will be installed. After spending six hours at my house, they leave, but somehow my full backsplash for the opposite counter wasn’t put on the truck and they will come another day.

The next day, the plumber arrives. Goes to hook up the faucet and lo and behold, the installers cut the hole for the faucet too close to the backsplash and the faucet won’t fit, it knocks against the backsplash. By the way, the plumber speaks broken English at best. No word on when the granite people will be back. So the next day I call the local manager, explain the situation, he calls back and says they will be out Monday. If you have followed along, it is now Friday.

My wife and I go to Home Depot to take the old faucet back and find one that maybe will taper away from the backsplash and will work. Out of all of them, we decide on a special order Kohler listed as 400.00. We pay the extra 7.95 to have it overnighted so it’s here when the granite people arrive on Monday. Saturday, no delivery of faucet. Monday noon, still no delivery. I call Home Depot, where is my faucet? They reply that for some reason, the order didn’t get received until Saturday, it’s going out today. I tell them too that the granite people are coming, you need to tell them that I don’t have the faucet. Sure no problem. Tuesday, and 9 days without a faucet.

The granite people call and say they got a message not to come out until I get faucet. I said yes because I expected it today but I want the granite people there at the same time to fix the hole. She replies, “Well we are going to send them anyway to install full backsplash we owe ya and if faucet there OK, if not, we do another day.” Finally I said, “OK, send your crew out.” They never show up.

Wednesday, ten days without a sink. I call the corporate number and explain in detail what’s going on. After conversing with one guy, he hands the phone to an “expediter” and she is rude and snotty and I finally blew my cool and told her that if my countertop wasn’t done and finished by Friday, they can have it all back, and I will make a sign in my truck explaining their poor service and parade it around their parking lot and hung up.

After I relaxed, I called the local store manager, he got in contact with the granite company and after two hours, they called me and said they are sending one guy (the most experienced) to fix the faucet problem, and another crew that will arrive later to install the backsplash. The experienced guy arrives, and lo and behold, he manages to enlarge the hole so that the faucet fits. Sink is installed, drain, etc. The “other” crew never arrives.

Now it’s Thursday. I call the granite company to find out when my full backsplash will be installed. The reply: “I’m going to call the guy who was out yesterday to install it, I will call you back before noon.” Noon comes and goes, no call back. I call him back, ask him if they will make it out today, he says no, the guy is real busy. I say, “OK how about tomorrow (Friday),” he says, “Yeah Friday is good,” but then wavers and says, “Let me find out, I will call you back.” Never does.

Friday morning, granite people call at 8 am, says they are sending a guy with my full backsplash and will arrive sometime this morning. I called at noon and got answering machine. Here I am, it’s 1:30 and still no backsplash. Home Depot sucks. Their contractors suck. I will never ever ever shop there again. I implore all of you who are reading this, take my advice, go to Lowe’s.


Home depot granite

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