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Aug 25 2019

14 West – Administrative Services # Video

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14 West - Administrative Services # Video, NEF2.COM

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14 West is the business services arm of The Agora, a network for more than 30 of the world’s most innovative media companies.

By relying on us, The Agora Companies enjoy the unique luxury of focusing on the work they want to do… not the work they have to do.

We believe passion is a critical ingredient in the services we provide.

And we strive to deliver solutions that last, and results that support growth.

Our Services

Tech Solutions

14 West Tech Solutions offers just about any technical or data service a business could need to thrive in this day and age, but groomed specifically to support the agility and speed that The Agora Companies demand. These services are grounded on security and reliability and are treated with the utmost importance. And while we have a passion for progressive ingenuity, we also strive to design solutions that last.

This requires our expert teams to be forward-looking in everything we do – from building and supporting enterprise applications to protecting data, to providing day-to-day tech support. It is at the same time a perpetual challenge, and the reason we love what we do. Here we have the freedom to explore, test and introduce new ideas in:

Personnel & Talent

There is no question that there is value to structure in the workplace. But we also appreciate the value of creativity and the energy generated by exploring new ideas and perspectives. And we understand the freedom required to do that.

We believe in fostering lean and meaningful growth. By approaching talent needs and organizational development in a smart, strategic way we can help conserve resources and cultivate synergy without compromising competitive edge.

We want to help every business leader create the business they set out to create. How? We give them a sound workforce that feels supported and secure. Simple as that.

Services include:


Any entrepreneur knows that when building a business simply having all of the necessary pieces isn’t enough. It’s not until you can make the pieces work with one another efficiently and effectively that a business can understand its potential – let alone pursue it.

14 West Operations’ approach to systems and infrastructure is focused on fluency and cohesion. From start to finish – no matter the size of the task at hand – the goal is to create an environment where the systems and infrastructure work together seamlessly to help drive the business forward.

Services include:

The business world can be a daunting place to navigate. And it is growing bigger and more competitive every day. Every business leader in one way or the other is continuously looking for new ways to push forward faster. Often times this means pushing the envelope. Always finding new ideas.

The ability and the courage to think outside of the box are required qualities for entrepreneurs.

But executing new ideas can also require careful choreography. There are rules we all have to play by – even as “idea” people. And most certainly as employers. 14 West’s Legal Dept. knows the rules well.

The expert services we provide have proven to be critical components in everything from building a business plan, to protecting products for the wide portfolio of companies we support.

Services and areas of expertise include:


Communication is crucial to the success of any business. But for 14 West, having been founded by some of the most innovative minds in direct marketing, communication is also an important part of our heritage.

We believe in creating real and meaningful relationships with people through the power of language. But we know better than anyone that real communication requires trust – that the better we can understand the audiences we want to capture, the more effective we can be. We know that with every message we have an opportunity to reach someone. And in the same moment, we run the risk of being rejected.

We need to get every message right.

Services include:

The freedom that 14 West Financial Services affords entrepreneurs has been a key ingredient in the growth strategies behind more than 20 privately owned media enterprises around the world. Our approach is simple; in everything we do we are comprehensive, creative, and competitive. There is no facet of the financial world that we haven’t experienced. Our unique structure allows us to be more agile and able to adapt quickly to growth and change. Business goals of any size, scope or complexity are what drives us. We want the companies we work with to think of us as partners, not providers.

Services include:

Growth is what every entrepreneur wants for their business, but they’re rarely prepared or well positioned for it. That’s where 14 West comes in.

14 West offers the leaders behind The Agora Companies the white glove services of seasoned, administrative professionals. While they focus on new ideas, 14 West ensures the well-being of their enterprises and workplaces.

For almost 20 years, we have made it our business to help other businesses thrive. Today, we offer a more robust portfolio of services than ever. However, our values remain the same—we believe in keeping things simple, in keeping relationships real, and that there is nothing wrong with making business personal.

So, whether the task at hand is an intricate technical need, a delicate Legal matter… whether it be Payroll, PR or party related… we believe the best solutions demand a human touch.

This blog is an invitation to share in the conversations happening here day in and day out. Our contributors are giving more people and workplaces the opportunity to take and learn from our ideas. We want to reach workplaces we don’t work with yet and help them to discover untapped potential; to create an environment and culture of endless possibilities. And where there is no path, we want to help them to forge their own.

This is our invitation to explore what it might be like to move yourself, your career, and your workplace WestWord.

You’re going to hear from people from around our organization with fresh ideas, and interesting experiences and perspectives. Contributors range from C-level executives to folks that are just finishing their first week here. Some of what you read will make you say “ah ha!” Certain posts will be more conceptual, while others are very easy, actionable advice. Some articles might seem very straightforward, and at other times our perspectives could make you down right uncomfortable (and by the way, that’s the good stuff!)

Our challenge for you is to open yourself up to all of it.

And our commitment to you is fresh, thoughtful, and valuable insight.

Welcome to WestWord.

The Agora Companies

The Agora is a network for entrepreneurs in integrated marketing and the alternative press. 14 West’s role within this network is to offer those entrepreneurs the business and administrative services they may need to bolster The Agora’s unique culture.

The Agora Companies are typically skeptical in nature; they generally feel that oftentimes, there is a better way. Whether their trade be financial research, holistic health breakthroughs, strategic integrated marketing, or administrative support, these companies believe in challenging the mainstream, questioning every norm, and perpetually testing new ideas.


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