Oct 1 2019

Clear Vision Mobile Auto Glass Repair – Discount Windshield Replacement and Repair in South Jersey, mobile 24 auto.

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mobile 24 auto

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Mobile 24 auto

Mobile 24 auto

Mobile 24 auto

Mobile 24 auto

Mobile 24 auto

Mobile 24 auto

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Mobile 24 auto




Mobile 24 auto

1. What type of cars can you service?

We can repair or replace any of your auto glass needs on all cars from all the major manufactures such as Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, General Motors and most others. We will always verify your make and model upon assessment so we bring the proper parts and tools.

2. How quickly can I receive help from a glass windshield repair guy?

We offer same day windshield replacement or repair on any day of the week. Many of our repair men and women can get out to your location with just drive time. Because we are a local auto glass repair company with mobility being our specialty, we are minutes away from getting you back on the road.

3. What incidences need auto glass repair? Replacement?

We see a lot of cracked or chipped windshields needing repair. This can happen by flying rocks, falling branches, animals and other minor, surface collisions. The general rule of thumb is if the crack or chip is smaller than a dollar bill, it would be best to repair and not to replace. Replacement of a car window is necessary if any seal has been breached or the damage left a hole. We replace the entire window glass or windshield in cases of vandalism, serious accidents, and natural disasters such as fires and storms.

4. How does an insurance claim work with auto glass repair?

Every insurance company differs in the way they handle coverage for damage to a vehicle. This varies even more per policy. Commonly, your insurance company will not charge a deductible for windshield and auto glass repair. Your policy may otherwise call for a percentage of the work to be covered by you out-of-pocket if it is extensive. They may or may not charge you the deductible for a replacement windshield based on the type of vehicle, extent of damage, and where the damage is located. Covering damages like these are found under a Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage. In most cases, the claim rarely counts against your premium.

There s no need to frustrate yourself over an extra call to your insurance company. We will help you check with your insurance company for your exact case and to ensure that our repair company can do the job under your coverage. Give us a call and our expert staff will work alongside your insurers for you. We will verify, file and handle all the necessary paperwork for your claim. After the incident has been reported and the claim begins, we will immediately repair the damages to your windshield, sunroof, power windows or other door glass that has been effected. Your insurance company may follow-up with you after repairs have been made, but it is always in your best interest to do so if they do not.

5. Without insurance, how much does it cost to fix a windshield?

If you don t have insurance, or you have liability insurance, which only covers damages made to another vehicle, you can still get your windshield repaired or replaced for an affordable price. If your insurance company does charge a deductible for auto glass work, it is oftentimes more than paying out of pocket, so consider your options. The cost of auto glass repair can be anywhere from $100-$300. A replacement can be two to three times that. At Clear Vision Auto Glass, we offer competitive pricing when you call in or fill out our free quote request form.


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