Aug 14 2019

Medical Coding Course, medical coding and billing course.

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Medical Coding Course

Medical Coding Training Course

The Medical Coding Training Course a great career opportunity as the coder shortage continues.

Med-certification.com has trained coders for over 40 years! Coding is a basic to health care driving all of the reimbursement process as well as creating the huge databases for administration and government. It is a challenging responsibility and it pays well. Compare this complete coding training program with the others you may be reviewing here: Medical Coding Training Course

Note: Industry experts recommend tandem coding with both ICD, (diagnoses), CPT (provider codes), HCPCS (government codes) are all included in this training.

First you will learn Medical Terminology. Next you will learn coding theory, then you will practice on over 600 actual patient charts. Finally, you will learn about health care insurance, in our Health Insurance Specialist module. The training includes:

  • Hundreds of coding practice questions in the YOU CODE IT section equivalent to 6 months experience
  • Health Insurance Specialist Training is included (all about insurance payers)

Will You Be Ready to Work?

You may enter the workforce service in a matter of weeks with this program.

  • Picture yourself in a job you love.
  • Your future is in your hands!
  • A career to be proud of in just a matter of months.

Payment and Financing: Pay in full or finance: If you can’t pay in full, the simplest method is PayPal BillMeLater, available to any PayPal account holder. When you are in your PayPal account, you have the option to use your PP balance, a credit card or BillMeLater. If you don t have a BillMeLater account, It takes about 30 seconds for a quick credit score, and PP will either approve or decline the credit. If approved, you can finish the transaction. PP options offer no interest on set monthly terms. You may also choose to use our PP invoice system, so just let us know if you prefer invoicing. 888-771-1902 Info@med-certification.com

Certification: Successful completion of the program provides eligibility for the certification, CCA (Certified Coding Associate). Certified Coding Associate

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