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Affordable insurance plans – Video

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Affordable insurance plans

Affordable Health Insurance Introduction

AffordableHealthInsurance.net is your one-stop shop for health insurance information and affordable health insurance rates. We work with top providers to get you the best deals. Just enter your ZIP code and compare policies from top providers. You can even find Medicare supplement quotes. The process is safe, secure and 100 percent free.

At AffordableHealthInsurance.net, you’ll also find articles highlighting the latest trends in health insurance coverage and discover the best ways to save on your health care costs. Our state pages provide you with information focused on your area so you can make the best choice for your family.

Affordable Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that every American man, woman, and child deserves and needs. In recent years however, the number of the uninsured has skyrocketed to new heights. Currently, there are an estimated 47 million Americans without coverage – and that number will continue to escalate.

According to a 2007 article in USA Today, those without health insurance aren’t just . Read More

Top 10 Ways to Save on Health Insurance

There is a great assortment of health insurance plans available in this country. Cost, however, should not be the only reason to commit to any particular plan. By looking for plans that match the necessities of your family, you will be able to adequately protect your loved ones while saving big on money. Below, you will find ten great suggestions for cutting costs on your health insurance plan.

1. Health insurance premiums are all very different, so it is important to make comparisons between many health insurance quotes. Look over the benefits of several different plans and their monthly premiums. It is important that the plan offer sufficient catastrophic coverage and a lifetime maximum benefit of at least two million dollars.

2. We suggest raising your deductible. A high deductible almost guarantees a low monthly premium; however, you will be held accountable for paying your medical bills on your own dollar until the deductible is reached. Plans are available that can remove the deductible for expenses such as office visits, preventative care, prescriptions, and accidental injuries.

3. Consider the cost of co-insurance. This is the fee that your insurance provider pays after meeting your deductible. Companies tend to pay 80% of medical bills after the deductible of usually five to ten thousan dollars, and the insurance company usually covers bills over the annual maximum in full. Some companies will offer 50% co-insurance plans, which can lower monthly premiums; however, for someone who makes regular doctor visits, these plans can cost more money over time.

4. Ensure that the insurance policy meets your medical service provider needs. Insurance plans usually have a list of providers, which offer services for your insurance plan at a reduced cost. By going outside the list of preferred providers, you risk the insurance company only paying a portion of your medical fees.

5. Get a separate policy for each family member. Particularly for children under 18 and older family members, individualized plans can mean saving extra dollars on a health insurance policy.

6. Take the health insurance offered by your workplace. Employers typically pay a portion of or the entirety of an employee’s premium; however, they tend to not offer the same services for dependents. If your dependents do not make frequent doctor visits, it may be helpful to consider separate plans based on their needs.

7. Consider COBRA Alternatives. Former employees can participate in COBRA plans, as they offer an extension of an employer-sponsored plan. Individual plans can often help healthy COBRA participants save money. However, those who need repeated medical attention should not consider alternatives, as they can be denied coverage as a result of medical health history.

8. Reduce the risk of being denied coverage. The majority of states offer health insurance plans for people unable to get health insurance from regular providers because of serious medical conditions that require consistent care. High-risk plans are often expensive, which is why it is important to qualify for the plans offered under traditional insurance carriers. Make sure your insurance company knows when a condition has been remedied and no longer needs additional care or medicine.

9. Get a high deductible plan that works with a health savings account. Through a Health Savings Account you can place money into a separate account that will earn interest and be immune to taxes. This account can be used to pay regular medical fees. These accounts work with high deductible plans, which means you will not pay as many premiums. The savings earned by these accounts reduce the potential of not being able to pay for unanticipated medical bills.

10. Learn about government assisted health programs. These plans are typically available to those living below the poverty level; however, there are states that provide assistance programs for those living above the poverty level too. Government assistance comes through subsidies that partially pay premiums for regular health insurance providers.

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