Jul 13 2017

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2Trial Bike Categories: moto. 2 players. rally

Alex is the best superbike rider. He has never been defeated by anybody, because he is always trainning and participating in all kind of tournaments and championships. This time, he has invited you to ride his motorcycle. Let’s see what you are able to do.

Drag Racer V3 Categories: car. racing. tuning

You have been chosen to particpate in this Drag Tournament. We all know that you love cars and the good driver you are. Tune your car and defeat all of your opponents. Win money and get new cars. This game is really amazing.

Cone Crazy Categories: kids. car

This is not a common driving school, because this time you have to topple a lot of color cones which have been put in the parking lot by your friends. This can be funny, but you have only thrity seconds to make it, so have fun and drive fast.

Pure Adrenaline Categories: kids. car. racing. trucks

In this game, you need to collect a lot of color circles which are all around the main highway. Drive your car and do not crash with other cars, otherwise you could be part of a terrible accident. You should pay attention to win the game.

Parking Perfection 3: The Exam Categories: car. driving school

Try to get your driver license without any problem. Your instructor is a very demanding perosn, but we all know that you will be skillful enough to pass the exam. Remember that you should not crash the car or you will fail.

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