10 dollars off bath and body

10 dollars off bath and body

10 dollars off bath and body-Find ideas for bath and body, inspirations for making soaps and oils and lots other DIY crafts

Bath and Body

Soap Making, Oils and Recipes

This Weed Heals Insect Bites, Burns and Rashes – Plantain Salve DIY

Just when you think there is nothing worse than dry winter skin, summer happens. Summertime creates its own share of issues for your skin such as bug bites, stings, heat rashes, sunburn, and dry skin. Look no further than a … Read More .

DIY Natural Head Lice Treatment Recipe

Popular lice treatments contain pesticides that can be harmful to children, especially after continued use. Some of those toxic chemicals include lindane and pyrethrins. Instructions on head lice treatment shampoos suggest a second treatment seven days later. Head lice eggs … Read More .

Book Review – Give Home Soap Making – Easy > September 14, 2019 by Shellie Wilson Leave a Comment

Create beautiful handmade soaps that are perfect for gift giving! You’ll ” nd easy instructions for 13 types of soap

Book Review – Healing Oils

Create your own personal aromatic oils for every use—healing, pleasure, and beauty—with this comprehensive aromatherapy recipe book. It includes exact formulas for making hundreds of blends for stress relief, motion sickness, premenstrual syndrome, cellulite reduction,

How To Use Aromatherapy & Essential Oils For Pain

Stiff Joints? Tired, sore muscles in your neck and upper back? Whether you suffer from chronic tension-induced pain, age-related arthritis, bone deterioration, inflammation, or an injury such as muscle sprain or broken bone, nobody likes to be in pain. Essential … Read More .

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub – A Decadent Fall Treat for Your Skin

It’s almost fall, which means pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! This pumpkin spice sugar scrub only take a few minutes to make, and it’s the most decadent treat for your skin this fall. Here’s the quick and easy DIY…

DIY Gemstone Soap on a Chain

Take soap on a rope to a whole new level with this easy melt and pour DIY gemstone soap on a chain. The perfect handmade gift for family and friends. Hang it from the faucet to keep it dry and … Read More .

Function OF Beauty – What Is All The Hype About?

If you don’t know what Function of Beauty is then you must be hiding from social media cause this Hair Care Product is going crazy! So what makes it so popular? I mean it’s just Shampoo and condition, right? Well, … Read More .

Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap – All Natural DIY

This DIY pumpkin spice latte soap is perfect for fall! The #PSL is super easy to make, it smells AH-MAZING, and the coffee grounds provide a little exfoliant. It’s perfect for your Thanksgiving guests, a hostess gift, teacher or neighbor … Read More .

DIY Hydrating Rose Water Toner For Puffy Eyes

A gorgeous facial toner, this is an easy DIY project, appropriate for all levels of experience! You need a few ingredients that will boost, glow, and hydrate your skin!

This toner is a perfect project for the summer season, as … Read More .

Bath Bombs Book Review

Have you tried bath bombs before? They are no longer little round balls of fizzing citric acid , they are works of art that come in all different shapes and sizes. This book by Leisure Arts Shares some of the … Read More .

Peppermint And Orange Bath Bombs

Peppermint & Orange Bath Bombs – Menthol is also known to help ease tension headaches and muscular aches and pains. It has a strong intense smell, so you may wish to reduce the amount of peppermint you use. I love … Read More .

Easy DIY Travel Soap Charms

These handmade DIY tiny travel soap charms make cute gifts and are perfect to throw in a tin or pouch for camping or vacations. These soaps are made using melt and pour soap techniques and supplies. Which makes them easy … Read More .

DIY Charcoal Detox Soap

Activated charcoal is used for all kinds of detoxification. This DIY Charcoal Detox Soap is refreshing and cleansing and a great pick-me-up in the morning or to get the grime off at the end of the day. It’s also … Read More .

DIY Strawberry Facial Scrub

Strawberry Salt Scrub – This salt scrub is an exfoliating facial that will refresh and brighten your skin,


10 dollars off bath and body


10 dollars off bath and body

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