Oct 4 2016

10 Destinations That Got a Lot Cheaper to Visit in 2015 #asia

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International hotel rates have dropped. Pick the right country, and that could mean big savings on your next vacation.

Maybe it s time to book that trip abroad. A new report from TripAdvisor found that international hotel rates on the site dropped 7% from 2014 to 2015. The average nightly rate at an international hotel is now $115, down from $123 last year. For comparison, the typical U.S. hotel comes in at $127.

But where, exactly, are the best deals? Here are the ten countries that saw the biggest year-over-year decreases:

1. Russia: average rate $80, down 45%

2. Ukraine: $71, down 38%

3. Sweden: $151, down 19%

4. Norway: $173, down 17%

5. Poland. $67, down %16

6. Romania: $65, down $16

7. Bulgaria. $64, down 14%

8. France. $109, down 13%

9. Morocco: $106, down 12%

10. Uruguay: $131, down 12%

Looking to escape, ASAP? The report also noted the cheapest months to travel to various countries. Europe tends to be chilly this time of year, but if you re willing to brave cool temps, you ll find deals. The Continent is at its most affordable (average $111) this month and stays low in March, too. Asia and South America are at their cheapest in March ($78 and $116, respectively). The Caribbean, on the other hand, is the priciest region in February ($317) and March ($300).

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