1 months car insurance # Video

1 months car insurance # Video


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1 months car insurance

1 Month Car Insurance

Most insurers will give you a yearly quote for car insurance when you start shopping around and people will need to fork out at least £600 on average to get their car insured. Some may be able to pay this amount in one go and others who are struggling to make ends meet will have difficulty in finding this sum to settle all at once.

However some insurance companies give you the option to pay your car insurance in monthly instalments rather than having to pay everything in one go. Although this is the most popular choice amongst drivers, it does add a charge to your premiums because you will have to pay interest on the quote you’ve received. Depending how high your quote is, it can be a substantial amount which is added to your premiums and those new drivers who are well known for paying the most are likely to be affected the most.

An even better option is the Pay As You Drive insurance scheme where drivers pay their premiums on a monthly basis but the cost is calculated by the number of miles the driver is doing. Essentially, it is the ‘drive less, pay less’ car insurance policy.

Don’t waste money on yearly contracts!

There are times when the traditional yearly contract for car insurance does not suit your needs. For example, you might be visiting a foreign country and need to get your car insured to be able to drive it. So you may not be willing to commit to a full one-year car insurance contract (fixed 12-months policy) when you are not sure how long you will be needing insurance for, especially if you are certain it is going to be less than 12 months. What do you do then? You cannot start a yearly car insurance policy and cancel it when you no longer need it. Well you actually can but you will have to pay an administrative fee followed by a higher rate which will be calculated pro-rata and eventually lose out.

Although there are short term car insurance policies around now, you can only sign up for a maximum of 28 days while a calendar month is normally 30-31 days. What you are looking for then is a car insurance policy which is flexible enough to be for a minimum of a month and renewable on demand if you ever need to extend your insurance cover, that is, whether you need 1, 2, 3 or 6 months car insurance, you will still be able to easily renew your existing policy without any hassles. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

Get insurance cover one month at a time

With eCar Pay As You Go Insurance policy, you pay a monthly premium for one month car insurance cover and just before your policy expires, you will get a reminder from them asking you whether you want to renew. Should you decide not to, your current insurance policy will then be cancelled, no questions asked and no hassles! The monthly rate that you pay will be guaranteed for 8 months if there are no changes to the details you provide during your application so that you can be sure that your insurance premiums will not be going up each month and to give you peace of mind. You will also be accumulating your no claims discount as usual and you can have multiple drivers on the policy as named drivers just like with any other standard car insurance policy. The only difference is that you have the option to cancel at the end of the month without incurring any penalties.


1 months car insurance # Video

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