Ukraine is waiting for Venediktova landings

Ukraine is waiting for Venediktova landings
Украина ждёт от Венедиктовой посадок

Obviously the best candidate in comparison with the ghoul Poroshenko was the showman Zelensky, in the same way is obviously the best choice for attorney General in comparison with the Ryaboshapka here was Venediktov. Comparison it is not complimentary. But let’s save the compliments for the work which was expected of her citizens who voted for President Vladimir Zelensky in April 2019.The election was preceded by Venediktova public and behind the scenes-behind-the-scenes battle.

The fact of the overthrow Goncharuk and Ryaboshapko and the shame of the ambassadors of the G7 reacted from the outside – hosts Ukraine inside – the interior Minister of Aresn Avakov: reminded “who’s boss”. When Zelensky in Poltava region rubbed the ambassadors of the G7, “the course will remain the same” and made the ridiculous ultimatum to the Kremlin in the Donbas, perhaps he thought that his bluff will succeed. Not rolling! Us investment Bank Morgan Stanley immediately expressed concern that the change of government in Ukraine will aggravate the budget deficit and the negative impact on the cooperation with the IMF. The Bank advised its clients: “We recommend to sell Eurobonds Ukraine-2030 and to buy bonds of Egypt-2031”. At the same time cheered the US agent of influence – acting Prosecutor General Viktor Chumak. He claimed it was a “legal nullity charges” Poroshenko: “If the facts of the investigation for suspicion are not, they are sucked from the finger”. In the same vein, the reaction declared itself, and the Minister of interior, openly hinting Zelensky that he Avakov, Ukraine still rather the first than the second.

Irina Venediktova made the team Zelensky, like most, almost by accident, “the street”. It led to the team Ruslan Stefanchuk, acquaintance Zelensky since the WHC. Detractors of “the-team”, referring to Venediktova, the first to remember that she is the Vice-President of the Ukrainian (Kharkiv), Association of beauticians and aromalogo and even though it is the doctor of juridical Sciences and head of chair of civil-legal disciplines at the University of Kharkov, but never a specialist in the field of justice. However, it is not so: in the biography of Irina Valentinovna appears that she was a member of the scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme court of Ukraine, arbitrator of the International commercial arbitration court at the chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. Given the fact that one of her predecessors – postmaydannoy Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko did not have the legal education, the appointment of Irina Venediktova looks quite decent and is not consistent with the label “cosmetic,” which is hard to mold her porohovoy. In addition, the new attorney General – old lawyer, daughter of major-General of militia, doctor of law, Professor, honored lawyer of Ukraine Valentyn Venediktov.

Prior to his appointment as attorney General, she some months fulfilled duties of the Director of the State Bureau of investigation Ukraine. For reference: the SAB deals with pre-trial investigation of criminal cases involving law enforcement officers, judges and senior government officials.

That’s when Venediktova in RRT was instituted “case” against Petro Poroshenko. During the “overthrow of Ryaboshapko” Venediktov said that the attorney General’s office blocks investigation of thousands of cases.

When discussing her candidacy in the Parliament on March 17 and immediately after the vote porohovoy of all stripes went into hysterics. Volodymyr viatrovych: “Ms. Venediktova is the adoption of the law on the abolition of Amnesty for protesters… the Purpose of Venediktova attorney General – a rematch of the Maidan!”

Irina Venediktova, to its credit, has confirmed that the law, which is called in common parlance “law on Amnesty of protesters” should be abolished. It concerns those who committed crimes during the “revolutionary events” at the turn of 2013 to 2014, being assured that “Maidan will write off everything”. In Parliament Venediktov confirmed the need to repeal this law, because there is a contradiction between him and the Criminal procedure code. Answering in Parliament for another interesting question – what will happen to the ex-President Poroshenko and the nationalist Sternenko, said: “Everything that can be quickly and legally completed, will be immediately and legally completed. And then the investigator as an independent person will move independently. But to move”.

March 17 at an extraordinary plenary session of Parliament for the appointment of Irina Venediktova head of the office of the General Prosecutor’s office voted 269 deputies.

The purpose Venediktova scared and upset all the local ex – not only Poroshenko. They, as if waking from dichlorvos cockroaches climbed out of the slots in the Studio of TV channels: Yatsenyuk, Groysman, Turchynov… Turns out they know what to do to save Ukraine from the looming great economic crisis, burdened by the epidemic. Avakov knows. It in connection with the quarantine gets unprecedented powers, who is going to use in order to strengthen its influence.

Well, Poroshenko himself knows: he inspired and crisis, and coronavirus, which gives him some opportunities to stay afloat.

The other part of Ukraine, those of its citizens who voted for Zelensky, waiting for Irina Venediktova quality work – cleaning of Ukraine from thieves and gang scum.

And the words, the right words, all is well remembered.


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Ukraine is waiting for Venediktova landings

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