USA. Three colors hunger

USA. Three colors hunger

In the nineteenth century has been large-scale extermination of the Buffalo, which left many tribes of the prairies. Researchers estimate, in 1800, the Buffalo population was 30-40 million animals, and by the end of the century, they were exterminated almost to a man: there is less than one thousand[17][18][19]. Us General Philip Sheridan wrote: “the Buffalo Hunters have done over the past two years more to solve the acute problems of the Indians than the entire regular army over the last 30 years. They destroy the material base of the Indians. Send them powder and lead, if you will, and let them kill, skin to skin and sell them until they have devoured all the Buffalo!”. Sheridan in the U.S. Congress proposed the establishment of a special medal for hunters, emphasizing the importance of the extermination of the Buffalo[17]. Also Sheridan is the author of the statement “the only Good Indian is a dead Indian”[20][2” (Wikipedia).As a result of this crazy hunting, most of the Redskins of North America died of starvation. It’s like they appeared off the coast, suddenly dried up flowing rivers. How many were there? Looking at the territory of modern America, it is hard to believe that just about two million, according to historians, in their calculations based on the fact that the earth, North America, in no way could feed more people whose main occupation was hunting and gathering…. But let me, because the hunting of Indians, was not little birds, and a huge bison, whose weight was up to 1270 pounds!

In the US,at the same time, there was a whole army of black slaves. Modern researchers are increasingly and harder trying to compare them to serfs of tsarist Russia, forgetting, at the same time, about one thing…. On the plantations the slave died after an average of seven years of work in the mines in 3-4 years. The life expectancy of serfs christenings were much more. The only person you can really compare American slaves is prisoners of the prison of tsarist Russia, and that with great reserve.

If slaves in the US had to change every 3 – 7 years, then what was the real number of victims, if constantly required to “keep in line” the same four million, which, as indicated, in many sources, was in the United States, on the eve of the sixtieth years of the last century?

Hardly, the owners were waiting for, emaciated slave falls to the ground, right in the workplace, waste material, likely thrown out to die of starvation.

In the twentieth century is the turn to white. Broke out in the country not seen the economic crisis – “the Great depression” (1929-1933). Burst company, closed factories, but the heaviest blow fell on American farmers. For non-payment of loan obligations, their farms were confiscated, and families were thrown out, not on the street, in farms, as we understand it, the streets were not, and just anywhere.

In 2008, the Russian historian Boris Borisov published in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia their study of the effects of the economic crisis and came to the conclusion that in the US died of hunger from 5 to 7 million Americans. Methodology Borisov did not differ from the methodology used in counting victims of “Holodomor” and “the Holocaust”, it consisted in the analysis of statistical data on the population before and after the event.

All of these facts from American history, nothing to do with natural disasters. The authors is the people and the state, which was recognized to call the great. Source

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USA. Three colors hunger

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