US urges Germany trillion for protection. Ivan Danilov

US urges Germany trillion for protection. Ivan Danilov

Every time the President of the United States Donald trump is on a series of Frank statements about his relationship with the leaders of other countries, expert and diplomatic community covering the so-called Spanish or shame, or just banal shock.

Speaking Wednesday at a joint press conference with President of Poland Andrzej Duda, the leader of the United States revealed some interesting aspects of their relationship with Angela Merkel, at the same time explaining the logic of the decision on sharp reduction of American troops stationed in Germany. The shock was not long in coming, and the expert and diplomatic community will long to recover from the following recognition: it turns out that the withdrawal of American troops is an attempt to punish Germany for their cooperation with Gazprom and the purchase of Russian energy. By and large, trump, speaking in gangster language (suitable for American foreign policy to a much greater extent than the language of European diplomacy, with its notes and “expressions of concern”), just “put Merkel on the counter,” stating that Germany actually has to pay a trillion dollars for the protection (or rather the “roof”), which it provides to NATO.

Probably the U.S. leader wanted to demonstrate to their constituents (and in the US is now in the midst of the election campaign) that he is tough and resolute patriot, able to firmly defend national interests, but it turned out he had a very poor start. Trump did not look strong patriot, but just very offended by an elderly man who sincerely resents the fact that Angela Merkel is not paying him proper attention and won’t spend the money on NATO. In the words of trump clearly shines through is a real zeal.

“They spend billions of dollars buying Russian energy, and then we have to protect them from Russia, but it’s not working very well”, — quotes his position, the New York Post.

In addition, Angela Merkel calls Donald trump’s personal suspicions associated with its wait-and-see stance in the negotiations and actions of the EU in trade relations with the US.

“We protect Europe, and she also enjoys enormous advantages in relation to the United States in trade, you wouldn’t believe what. <…> I think that they would like to wait until after the (presidential) election (in the USA) that might be able to deal with someone else beside the President of the trump. But after the election they just have to pay more,” threatened the us President from the podium for a joint press conference with the Polish President, who was probably in awe of the fact that under the hot hand hit not he but the Chancellor of Germany.

As the Agency Bloomberg about Germany trump a very large financial plans, which he did not intend to give up: “They forget about all the money that was not paid, and I said about a trillion dollars, which they really need. <…> So we are negotiating. Let’s see,” — said the President.”

It should be noted that past opportunities to squeeze out of Germany and other vassals of any amount to satisfy the appetites of NATO and the Pentagon generals Washington anymore. As rightly remind the American media, about the same trillion (or even trillions) of dollars the us leader mentioned during a recent speech at a rally of his supporters and tried to knock out Angela Merkel in 2018, but did not achieve any results.

A senior German official then complained to the British journalists from the Financial Times that trump said German Chancellor literally the following: “You’re hot, but you owe me trillions of dollars”, so, apparently, Frau Merkel did not appreciate such a fine compliment and diplomatic move.

“The President understands the history of Europe and understands the realities of Europe,” said Andrzej Duda about Donald trump (quoted by New York Post), but still there are certain doubts on the question understanding of the history and realities. With all the negative attitude of a certain segment of the European political elite to Moscow hardly among the senior politicians there are those who really believe in the scheme as “the United States to protect Europe from Russia.” Propaganda “horror” about the aggressive and terrible neighbor to the East, where bears in ushankas and balalaikas in the clutches ride on the tanks and every day dream to occupy the Baltic States do not reflect a single real European fear for our country and are merely a tool to preserve power for the part of the political establishment, which used to sell voters “protection from Russia” as its first, main and only virtue.

The real fear about Russia is connected exactly with other things, such as, for example, loss of access to financial flows from the transit (this is clearly seen on the example of Poland and some Baltic States), as well as changes in Russia’s image in the eyes of the Europeans, because in this case the politicians who made a career in rabid Russophobia, will have to change roles.

The behavior of Donald trump in his own way — he would like to present to voters a trillion dollars received from Angela Merkel, and say that this amount is, for example, for him to invest in American infrastructure. Moreover, the President promised steps such four years ago, and his administration repeated the promise just last week.

On the other hand, the White house would like to present to their sponsors from the energy sector is the proof that Germany now will not buy Russian gas and us LNG. However, all these desires and threats that in the future, Angela Merkel will have to pay more face a reasonable question: and if Germany do not, what exactly happens?

While in the performance of Donald trump has been a decline in the presence of US troops in Germany. Left to figure out, scared this terrible demonstration of the power of Berlin politicians. There is reason to believe that at least some of them the prospect of even a complete withdrawal of American forces from Germany or the European Union may seem like a great scenario for the future that the President of the United States not like.

Ivan Danilov

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US urges Germany trillion for protection. Ivan Danilov

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