Provocations “1+1” and online donations. As Ukrainians celebrated the Passover

Provocations “1+1” and online donations. As Ukrainians celebrated the Passover

Despite the prohibitions and recommendations of the authorities not to attend Easter worship Ukrainians still went to the temples. Some of them decided not to change old habits, hoping for “maybe blow over”, others believe that their God will save, and the third went in company.Mass marches and service began on Friday. So, in Dnepropetrovsk on April 17, around 19:30, people lined up for hours in the queue for service in front of Holy Trinity Church. In response, the police opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 325 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (violation of sanitary rules and regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases and mass poisonings).

It is not surprising, however, because the mayor of the city Boris Filatov earlier in the week were warned, or rather threatened the priests, if they decide to pursue the service.”Dear priests. I then press service asks you to write the pathetic appeal at Easter all stayed home. But I have no words. There is one expression. All they wanted to say, you were told at the meeting at the diocese on 9 April. I understand that some have not heard. Then again. In addition to fines from the police and the criminal cases you will receive the whole set of measures from the city government, skated on Nalivaiko and metalloprom. Want to sit without water and light, with built doors and dug up roads? We ensure all this. Also expect the cancellation of documents on the land and any permits for renovation. We’re not arguing all these years, right? But if you want to risk the health of people, then do not be offended. I you fair warning. And will not help you no one. Or my great relationship with Bishop Irinej, no parliamentary lobby nor God himself”, — Filatov wrote in Facebook on April 14.

And then with the help of his teammate Mikhail Lysenko raided in the course of which near one of the temples digging the road, they say, was repairing the pipe.

“Last night I felt the spirit. Yes, the technical spirit of the water utility. The spirit told me that the most likely along that of the temple, at a depth of five feet, zamirotochila cold-rolled pipe with a diameter of 150 millimeters. <…> In the excavated trench was discovered shell of times of the Second world war! Can you imagine?! The trench is fenced. Works of the Ministry. We will closely examine the entire territory, perhaps even to the second coming of Christ,” — said Lysenko.

People, as we see, this has not stopped, and the parishioners still went to sanctify the Easter cakes. In Ivano-Frankivsk people began to gather at the Church the afternoon of April 18. Local media gladly reported that the parish belongs to the UOC-MP, completely forgetting how the Ukrainian Catholics of the Western model celebrated Easter last week.

In the Donetsk region, at the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra (UOC-MP) at the Easter vigil gathered a large number of people, many of whom were unmasked and ignored the rules of social distance.

In Kharkov, many members have not met the government promised resistance from the police.

“The cops said knit order no and come, dear, if you need there”, – told about their experience one of the city’s residents.

The capital was interesting. Police heavily guarding the temple, which, however, did not prevent journalists from filming their fake stories. So, the employee “Apnews” faced not covered by the lies of the TV channel “1+1”, which he wanted to give live.

“Dear journalists of 1+1, who are now working in the monastery, stop the bullshit. Please cooking up another sensational article about Easter celebrations in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, don’t ask for money on camera to kiss icons. This young man with the microphone 1 1, which in the photo, mistaking our streamer APnews with one of the believers in the temple, asked to kiss the icon in front of the camera. After our streamer refused, he offered to do it for money. Dear “Pros”, so if you need to show the footage as someone kisses icons ignoring the recommendations and precautions in connection with quarantine, would you be so kind to do it. Can even each other there to kiss, a journalist of the operator or Vice versa,” – said the journalist Vasily Apasov.

Провокации «1+1» и пожертвования онлайн. Как украинцы встретили Пасху

In General, the Church in the capital was filled to a third, the majority of inhabitants of Kiev chose to sit at home. At the Florovsky convent at the hem of the night we counted about 150-200 people at once. The distance no one complied, but the mask mode was present, besides the police on duty at the gate, missed the people at a time.

In turn, the Odessa police tried to prevent people at the service, blocking the entrances to the temples. However, some time later, law enforcement officers, apparently, themselves imbued with the spirit of Easter and retreated.

Pretty interesting story took place in Poltava, where the local priest of the UOC-KP, Alexander Dedyukhin created the online broadcast, during which the consecrated Easter cakes and collected donations. It was held as follows: subscribers in the comments was applied to the screens cakes, and he consecrated, at the same time praying and spending politagitatsiyu, remembering the Soviet Union, Chernobyl, Vladimir Zelensky and previous presidents of the country.
Remembering Poroshenko, it is impossible not to remember about his Church ptsu, which still does not recognize the Orthodox community. Last year, the DNC cheated me out of the Holy fire. Their delegation refused to accept the Patriarch of Jerusalem, so they took the Embassy badges Ukrainian diplomats and so passed to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Today the head of the Church poroshenkovskoy Epiphany already said that Holy fire is useless, since the convergence in Jerusalem for the first time happened without the faithful and could receive it only recognized Church, for example, the UOC-MP, which, in fact, brought the fire to Ukraine.

“I am inclined to think that it is better for those funds that use plane to use in order to purchase the appropriate medication or remedy for doctors. And so I’m not sure what will come Holy fire. Had some offers, but we do not insist on it,” — said the leader of the DNC Epiphany.

He also told how to consecrate the cakes and advised all believers to watch service live, getting thus television grace. Ptsu was shown on TV channels “1+1” and “NTU”. Stream from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate was available on the TV channels “inter” and “Ukraine”.

Summing up, the surrealism of the current Easter represents the last photo – the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, the business jet from Jerusalem, the Holy fire and around the people in the hazmat suits.

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Provocations “1+1” and online donations. As Ukrainians celebrated the Passover

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