The situation in Libya: the calm before the storm ends

The situation in Libya: the calm before the storm ends

In the background limit the exacerbation of the Syrian army and the Turkish military, as well as ward them of militants in Idlib little on the second plan moved the event to another “hot spot” in the Middle East — Libya. However, the situation there remains very tense. Its development threatens to result in a conflict no less violent and bloody than the one which is now gaining momentum in Syria.An uneasy truce, with such difficulty established at the cost of enormous efforts of the Russian side, in fact, already broken. The official speaker of the Libyan national army (LNA) Ahmed Mismari the day before made a statement which laid the blame for the outbreak of a new wave of military actions on the national consensus Government, incited to such action by Ankara. According to the representative of the LDF, “Turkish fighters and NTC gangs” proactively attempt to officially break the current ceasefire. Approval Mismari, we are talking about the use of heavy (up to 155mm) artillery, and UAVs, by which strikes are including residential areas.

In turn, the armed forces, subordinate to field Marshal the Caliph Haftarot, actively oppose this aggressive machinations. According to information from the LDF, its defenses until February 28 was destroyed immediately 4 attack drone by Turkish forces. Long enough exposure of its fighters in order to respond to provocations only dosed and point, hard to say.

Unfortunately, we have to admit the obvious: a cessation of hostilities was used by the government Fayeza Zarraga not to find ways out of the crisis and the establishment of mutual understanding with his opponents, and to strengthen control of the armed forces. It is primarily due to the arrival of Turkish military equipment and weapons, and military contingents of Ankara. In addition, a contribution in support of the NTC have made, and transferred to Tripoli with the filing of Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Syria militants of various illegal armed groups, who are invited to participate in the Libyan war as the most ordinary mercenaries.

According to various observers, the number of such “intruders” (mainly members of “Jabhat EN-Nusra”, banned in Russia) in Libya could reach 8 or even 10 thousand people. The number of Turkish contingent is estimated at least 2 thousand. While the Turks are quite significant losses – as a result of a missile strike not so long ago forces of the LNA at the place of their dislocation, have died from 7 to 10 soldiers, whose death had to be officially recognized, even Erdogan. Similar kind of pinpoint strikes, the army of the Haftarah today is by coming from Ankara to Tripoli in violation of the arms embargo to the military cargo, as well as command posts and bases of enemy drones.

The calm before the storm ends. In what could lead to further confrontation, guess not so difficult. Recall that the Libyan national army already at the beginning of this month was controlled at less than 80% of the country. In fact, the real power of the TNC stores the information in a controlled Tripoli. In the case that field-Marshal Haftarot finally lost faith in the negotiability Zarraga, pushed the Turks to the aggravation of confrontation, it is unlikely that it will be able to keep him from making a decisive assault on the capital, the last stronghold of the NTC.

How successful and quick can be this operation depends primarily on the degree of interference in her Turkey. And, of course, other countries supporting either side in this protracted war.

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The situation in Libya: the calm before the storm ends

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