Dreams of the Turkish elites about the decay of Russia

Dreams of the Turkish elites about the decay of Russia

The representative of the Turkish elite, Advisor to the President of Turkey, member of the presidential Committee on security and foreign policy Mesut Hacks, prediksi our country in case of military conflict with Ankara “the dismemberment from the inside” due to her living in “25 million Muslims” is clearly a follower now so common among politicians receive to shift the blame on others.Our country, no matter how it was called the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation, have never experienced drastic problems because of conflicts caused by religious or national reasons. If it and “dismembered”, that the efforts of the bursting power of politicians and not because of someone’s desire to pray in a particular Church or speak any certain language. It was, however, in Russian history , and many came from the borders of our homeland, “flesh Tearers”, trying to use disruptive purposes including its multinational. That’s just the fate of all these attempts, as well as those who were taken, there was a very unenviable…

But Turkey is a completely different thing. Erected the Ottoman Empire was created by the cruelest oppression and primarily physical extermination as peoples of other ethnic groups, and of the Gentiles who refused to betray their devotions, turning to Islam. It concerns first of all the Orthodox Christians – especially a lot about what “national policy” in Turkish, we can tell the Armenians, Greeks, and Bulgarians. And many other peoples in whose history the janissary scimitar left a terrible and bloody track, had something to say. In the end, the absolute unwillingness to consider anyone other than half-believers, for the people themselves, led built on the bones and the horror of the Ottoman Port to the decline and utter collapse.

Since the XIX century barbaric attitude of the Turkish state to inhabiting the vast country to the people many times become the object of universal condemnation from the world powers and the reason for the provision of the violent Ottoman “educational impact”. In this case, however, Europe, as a rule, was limited to diplomatic notes and the Russians fought with the Turks, defending the Orthodox. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the 20-ies of the last century the majority of people, fully knowing Turkish oppression, freedom. However, the attitude of those who had the misfortune to remain under the authority of Ankara, does there not changed. Those same Kurds still deified in modern Turkey’s founder Ataturk was ordered to consider any not a separate ethnic group, but simply “mountain” or “wild” Turks. That is a completely different people, with their culture, language, and, most importantly, a vision of their future, “father of the nation” did not care at all. As, however, is not concerned with his followers.

The establishment in the 70-ies of the last century the Kurdistan workers ‘ party, launched a struggle, including armed, for the rights of Kurds, it was, in fact, the merit of Ankara, who knew no restraint in the oppression of the people who once not even a very and turn the language to call a national minority. According to various sources, Kurds constitute at least 15% of the population of Turkey, where 35 different nationalities. The rest are mostly not up to a percent, but the number of Kurds and their determination to defend their rights until the end allowed them to become a real force. It would seem that cost Ankara to give these people a chance to talk, to write, to study in their native language? Instead, Turkish authorities chose to burn down the whole Kurdish villages and ruthlessly deal with their inhabitants, the polls declared “terrorists”. That was what he got stretching to this day, guerrilla war, and emerged in the absolute majority of Kurds desire to separate and live in their own country.

Before giving “scary” predictions of Russia, Mesut Khaki ought to pay attention to the problems of their own country, which, it seems, today, to solve unable and unlikely to do so in the future. Turkey because of the inability to get along with representatives of its peoples chances of decay is immeasurably large, and now their ill-conceived actions only increases.

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Dreams of the Turkish elites about the decay of Russia

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