Latex coup. Alexander Yablokov

Latex coup. Alexander Yablokov

Black bodycon dress in black-black latex gloves, black glasses and a black mask Julia went on the warpath. Kazander revived old customs and policy speech by speaking directly to the President Zelensky, who was present in the session hall. Almost nobody understood what happened. Whether an emotional reflection about the “anticolonial of the law”, whether the attempt to recall its existence.Tymoshenko, apparently, preparing for the speech as fuck without notes, and sometimes even reminded myself in the best years. The subjects, however, were quite specific – removal of a Bank from the control of the Ukrainian judicial system, “highly intellectual corruption” of the Central Bank leadership and issued “indulgences” the former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva. This place is significantly stiffened Peter, but his name is not sounded. It was nice to see how Julia elegantly shrugged concepts, with one hand turning “andikalovsky” the bill is anti-Ukrainian in. Very professional “withdrawal of senses”. Of course, the law is adopted, however, the questions remain. Why so excited Cycorder, which is very long stood on pause?

Perhaps the situation is not worth a damn same Smagala, which immediately after the “peak of the disease” starts flat “plateau”. Well made and acted. What the fuss? Especially because there are so many other news events, demonstrating a high degree of madness of power. From the set of “cultural collection” for Patriotic “creative class” and ending with the requirement of the same Parliament to extend the ban of “aggressive Russian social networks”.

But I have reliable information that makes the watch move Kacungira at some other angle. During the quarantine, Julia has held a number of meetings with the leader of the “National body” Andrey Biletsky. Also didn’t at first. Everyone knows that “Netcorps” goes under the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. It was his main trump card for retaining and expanding influence in the Cabinet and Zelensky. The so-called “street factor”, which is in the Office of the President are scared to ruined diapers. Could Biletsky without the knowledge Arsene to take such a serious step as negotiations with Tymoshenko? Moreover, according to reliable sources, communication with Kuzuhara went so far that “Netcorps” has a new sponsor.

Tymoshenko is now the official dollar multimillionaire received in the United States compensation for moral suffering to the temporary “dictatorship of Yanukovych.” Do I need to explain who she turned round sum in dollars? It is clearly not the American “benefactors”. However, I doubt very much that Julia Biletsky pay of their own. Her shit like that in life was not found. But the fact remains – the money was transferred to trusted people Biletsky. And it is not just talking under the moonlight about the fate of the nation. Already there is a steady cause-and-effect relationship between the customer and the contractor.

Spit this information from different angles. Came to the conclusion that without Avakov is not done. Could such a serious operation as the lease of an asset of the Minister, to pass without his knowledge and consent. Most likely, it was.

Tymoshenko and Avakov have decades of joint activity and friendship. Arsene was a member of the “white brotherhood” Tymoshenko was the head of the Kharkov organization of the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc, took part in all political campaigns of Kazandere. After the “revolution of gidnost” their paths diverged for objective reasons. Tymoshenko did not have time to jump into the departing train power, Packed full of her former party members: Turchinov, Pashinsky, Avakov, Yatsenyuk the same…

With Arsene Yulia Tymoshenko remained a very good relationship. If we think back to the presidential election campaign in 2019, it is obvious who staked the Minister of internal Affairs. He openly worked against Poroshenko breaking his pre-election scheme to bribe voters, and led to the starting position of Kazandere. But Tymoshenko has not got to the second round. Although had all the chances. I was repeatedly told a story about how stealing votes from Kazandere and poured their first candidate. That is Smeshko. “Gunpowder” afraid to merge, because it was possible to get under pressure Avakov. So due to the “stunning” result supporter of the “strong hand”. Bald Gordon nothing to do with it. And also remember where now Smeshko. That’s right, in deep, shall we say, Nora.

Kazander was ready to fight for the second round, to organize the Maidan, but after the warnings of the state Department and consultation with Avakov stepped aside. Yes, Arsene simultaneously played with Kolomoisky, who did you-know-who, but obviously more drawn to Yulia. It’s complicated because Igor also knows Tymoshenko. Usual for Ukraine, the tangle of relationships and ambitions.

But back to Biletsky. Why Tymoshenko Avakov street fighters? Here the answer is quite obvious: for the organization and conduct of mass actions. “National case” very successfully brought down the rating of Petro Poroshenko with shares on the theme “Swinegate”. Chasing Peter across the country is not worse than Sharia, throwing his toy pigs. Consequently, Kazander planned major surgery in the fall, because to use the “Nazarus” for picking strawberries is quite difficult and costly.

But why is Avakov? The interior Minister in recent times tightly impose “red flags” are trying to knock out of office. Too many Prime Ministers and presidents he survived, and his influence on the background of the helplessness of “kvartalova” only intensified. People of the Office of the President consider him a potential dictator and excitedly convince Zelensky to kill the interior Minister. Even Saakashvili launched into politics to use against Avakov.

Currently, the Minister is sorely lacking policy instruments. If there is a “national case”, they would immediately point the finger at Arsene – “he got game”. Speakers Avakov well known: from Anton (Antonia) Gerashchenko and ending with the Siamese twins and the Zoryan Shkiriak. People Arsen in the Cabinet is continuously involved in scandals, and attempts to create a parliamentary group in the Parliament of quota “MIA” met with feverish resistance.

Letting “rent” street fighters Avakov, Yulia Tymoshenko makes the intrigue more dynamic and unpredictable. How would the Minister washes his hands, Tymoshenko receives as effective in the context of asset Zelensky more hysteria begins. It is quite clear who will start to work “Nazarus” in the first place. And Avakov nothing to do with it. Here he is with the National guard is, the order watching. The same can not be the main militiaman of the country to be the organizer of the anti-presidential coup. Or maybe? But it is still necessary to prove.

The course is interesting and promising. The only thing confusing: the presence of Kazandere old fighting spirit. She has repeatedly missed with a political wave, lost creative advisors and is clearly in the area of retirement. Pull on whether Tymoshenko’s full-fledged political campaign – that is the question. In the fall a lot of things planned. Ranging from local elections and ending the parliamentary crisis with the prospect of early updates of the deputies. Quarantine all the crisis accelerated the process, and our strategic partners in the USA in the fall will focus solely on his election. Time certainly good for the tandem Tymoshenko and Avakov. Source

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Latex coup. Alexander Yablokov

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