The red wedding: the impression of “super Tuesday”

The red wedding: the impression of “super Tuesday”
American primaries, I more and more like Game of thrones. The first season began in General relatively low-intensity civil strife, in which different sizes vassals were with each other in different ways

Someone was fighting, someone friends, someone who might Harbor a grudge and scheming, and someone and at all did not suspect about existence of another. And during all seasons, this whole multi-polar strife transformed into a bipolar system. In the end, the end of the last season against each other out of the group of Lannisters and Starks (Biden and Sanders), but the winner had to engage in a decisive battle against the white walkers (Donald trump).I was just trying to explain the policy of the meme. So super Tuesday is a real red wedding.

In a nutshell, that sensation did not happen. Shortly before super Tuesday, apparently, the Democratic party rallied and joined forces to strongly oppose the Sanders. In the subjunctive mood, of course, impossible to say, but if the mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar not merged at the last moment after the defeat in Nevada, then super Tuesday Biden the result probably would have been worse, and Sanders is the same. Biden is not a very good start, so on super Tuesday he needed maximum penetration, which in General took place.

After Super Tuesday were waging a campaign Bloomberg. (Remember he promised to spend a billion to kick trump out of the White house, his campaign spent as they say up to 700 million), it Now supports Biden.

Of the notable candidates left Elizabeth Warren. Her political position is compared to Sanders, and some even suggest that Sanders may invite her as Vice President. But if she will continue to campaign, it is likely to be a problem for Sanders, but not for Biden.

Now everything goes to the fact that the democratic nomination will win Biden, but even defeating Sanders, he will have to make Herculean efforts in order to win trump in November. While he has a lot of problems.

Great importance will have the choice of Vice-President. It needs to balance out Biden thus to attract categories of voters from supporters of trump and Sanders, and to deter those who have already supported us.

It is very important that the Vice President was represented by the younger generation. With the departure of Pete Biden left the youngest member, but he was 77 years old and he has already announced that in case of victory will not go for a second term. In addition, it is clearly not in the best shape, besides, the campaign takes lots of energy. In this regard, the personality of the future Vice-President will be the centre of attention.

Well, the problem for Biden remains Sanders, or rather its electoral base. Here’s two pictures from 2016. One (green) shows the result of the primaries Sanders and Clinton. And on the other (red) — the results of the primary vote for Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. It is seen that a lot of supporters of Sanders in the end I voted for trump. Biden need to do something that they again did not vote for trump, and dragons will not help him. Source

As soon as possible to develop a vaccine against coronavirus called on American pharmaceutical companies, the US President Donald trump. But experts have distressed, in clinical trials will not begin before the end of the year. The fear of a new disease left its mark on the voting of super Tuesday, with many voters fearing coronavirus COVID-19, completed ballots directly into the machines. Favorite so far, although former us Vice-President Joe Biden almost convinced African Americans that he was “the white Obama” and won in most States. Most important, California, took Bernie Sanders. By far the only lost media Mogul Bloomberg.
All the polls have sections of stage such that the helicopters seen. Commissions difficult — some employees, afraid of the coronavirus, a job just came out, but the electorate mobilized. For Democrats trump more terrible than any plague:— I prayed, “Lord, help me to remove Donald trump. Us is only getting worse.”

— He put migrant children in the cage, unleashed a trade war, which affect farmers. We need a change.

Go to fight some old people against trump Sanders, who is 78 and Biden, who is 77. One had a heart attack, another memory lapses. If previously former Vice President of the name of the States confused, now and relatives. Biden might stumble in kinship to celebrate — from 14 States of super Tuesday won 10. He was the first, where not even particularly agitated for yourself — just come and talk.

On the eve of the super Tuesday candidates campaigning Monday. Joe Biden chose Texas. We visited different cities, urging residents to vote for themselves. It worked! TX for him. Biden moved the voters of the Democrats, who, as scripted, dropped out of the race before super Tuesday. On the surface the desire of the party leadership of the Democrats to drown his own candidate Sanders.

Your answer Trump made the population of the border towns of Texas, where more than half of the population is Hispanic. Next door is not a stranger to them Mexico, which the White house is fenced off a blank wall. And the wall now between the President and his former Republican supporters. A resident of the state of Texas Maria Gonzalez said:

— I’m a Republican, but today vote for Democrats. Why? I don’t want to see what the last few years. I decided to change my mind.

But those in Texas who are from the trump turned, I voted like two hands. In the party elections for his nomination was made by 95 percent of Republicans.

For Trump. He’s a fighter, worried about us.

But he’s in Texas builds a wall.

— Yes, but it saves our people from those who penetrate here. I live in the border area and then, you know, troubled is.

The presidential Twitter after the super Tuesday fun. Trump took utoptala competitors Democrats. Michael Bloomberg, percusive the pizza in one of the staffs taught manners:

“Mini-Mike, don’t lick your dirty fingers. It is unhygienic and dangerous not only for you but for others.”

Bloomberg is now only bite your elbows. He did not win in any state, received the results of super Tuesday just twelve delegates. These are the people that summer and will decide who the Democrats nominate for the presidency.

Yesterday’s primaries was for Bloomberg first and the last. He pulled back on advertising, political analysts 570 million dollars, but the investment never strayed. After a disastrous super Tuesday in the morning Wednesday one of the richest people in the world have completed your most unsuccessful project and withdrew from the race for the US presidency. Source

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The red wedding: the impression of “super Tuesday”

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