And this is no joke: the Retirement age should be increased. And giving the money to migrants

And this is no joke: the Retirement age should be increased. And giving the money to migrants

The Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) has proposed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to equate migrants to citizens, so they can obtain unemployment benefits, as well as to send money to their preparation for new professions. Those citizens who were born and raised in our country, this sentence has naturally caused a flurry of indignation. What driving experts from ASI and what will their proposed measure – versed Constantinople.Director General of the Agency for strategic initiatives Svetlana Cumshewa sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina, where it is proposed to temporarily equalize the migrants and Russian citizens the rights to receive unemployment benefits and some other benefits and payments. The example is Portugal, which at the time of quarantine equated to social rights to its citizens 580 thousand workers.

In addition, ASI offers “to start the redistribution of funds of the national project “Productivity and employment support to begin to prepare unemployed migrants to acquire new professions, in particular in the service sector it infrastructure. In other words, the money that was intended for the professional development of our employees, help them find employment, support business in our country, offered to send for retraining workers.

Support of experts from the ASI and colleagues from the Higher school of Economics. So, the Director of the Center for labor research school of Economics Vladimir Gimpelson believes that migrants who have lost their jobs and are not able to return home in dire need of assistance. But with additional benefits for state employees and retirees, in his opinion, do not rush – this is not the most urgent measure. To help migrants is now much more important.

“Their help, and migrants let their country to help”

On the Network news about the initiative of ASI caused a lot of criticism and outrage. Of course! Our citizens, before the pandemic, not really “fatten”, and coronavirus and all has deprived many of work and livelihood. So, according to a recent poll by the same Agency for strategic initiatives, one-third of Russian companies of small and average business has already cut more than half its employees. 83% of entrepreneurs decreased revenues, the majority – more than 80%. While 27% of companies are unable to receive the promised support. According to a survey by the chamber of Commerce of Russia, this figure even more: can’t get the support of 48% of small and medium enterprises. So, the owners go bankrupt and are forced to deprive of a salary of hired workers.

Having identified the problem, ASI valiantly promised to propose to the authorities the measures to support business and population. And I suggest to issue unemployment benefits and benefits to migrants. Of course, people took it as a cynical mockery. Here’s what users write in comments to the news portal “Yandex.News”:

The child, who at the time of isolation was three and a half years, cash payments are not entitled, retirement age of five years increased. And migrants such privileges! Why do so offend and humiliate its citizens?

– asked Angelica.

“In my opinion, much cheaper and more profitable to organize their return home. In such period it is necessary to sit at home, so let go. And that in their country they do not want to take back, their government does not need them, then why our government should provide for them? How many in Russia of sick children that need financial help?! And we offer to support those who can return home to their country and to solve their problems. Indeed, many of them being in our territory, does not love our nation, our government, but it does not refuse to use the benefits that they provide without any problems”, – says Galina D.

This Agency does not care about the fact that the stay of migrant workers increases unemployment among our citizens? Their cheap labor is the reason that our do not take the job, and the children of these parents sit hungry

wrote Caesar.

“If these migrants were working in Russia officially – and so it will pay employers (following the decrees of the government), let the shaking of employers and complain about them in the event of a failure. If you worked illegally – as they will help 1500 rubles, offered by the employment centre to Russians? They might still rent to pay? 30% of Russians do not have the right to benefits (PI, OOO, self-employed) and will not receive them. Russia is exporting its citizens from other countries, what prevents the governments of other countries to do the same? Let asking for help from their countries”, – said Kateryna K.

Think I had before

Shares the view of most commentators and the coordinator of the movement “Stop the illegal” Evgeny Grek. According to him, the first thing now to help our citizens who really need it, and then think about the others. In an interview to the Constantinople he listed some of the categories of the needy: this small and medium business, individual entrepreneurs – people whose employers withdrew from the state to save on taxes, government employees who were sent on leave at own expense. They now do not qualify for unemployment benefits, but was left without a livelihood.

Of course, migrants who stayed in Russia without work and without unemployment benefits, can go into crime, to somehow get money. Did not rule out this possibility, and Grek. However, according to him, when his movement turned to ASI a few years ago with a request to work restrictions on taxi aggregators to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in this area, where they were ignored:

“In several regions already received information that started the rise in crime – just take a loaf of bread, robbing couriers who deliver the food. It is a sad fact, but it is necessary to think ahead. In Agency of strategic initiatives we spoke, if memory serves me correctly, in 2014. In that year, the aggregators came on the market, and they did it with the help of cheap illegal labor. Us taxi drivers spoke about what is it companies who don’t want to be responsible for anything, to limit aburizal in the transport sector, which directly affects safety. No reaction at the time from the Agency was not followed. And now these people are not someone’s employees, but there are in our country.”

The alternative would be assistance to migrants to return home, where they at least have relatives and a government that can and should help them. According to Evgeny Grek, this is both more humane and much cheaper than solve the problems of increased crime or to pay migrants benefits.

However, some experts believe that migrants in Russia millions to take out all unrealistic.

How you imagine it technically? These people are now sent home. For example, from Moscow to two million people. Them how you will send? To evacuate – we need tens of thousands of flights and hundreds of trains. But first you have to collect them somewhere, keep, feed, how and where? In the stadiums you get them? That is, it is technically impossible to fast

said in an interview to the Constantinople, the President of Fund “Migration XXI century” Vyacheslav Postavnin.

But who prevents to take out people parts and not all, and only really lost their livelihoods due to the loss of a job? And is it not the government’s job is to figure out how to organize this process? And the Agency for strategic initiatives could to help him. But instead, the “experts” of this organization offer and continue to feed migrants at the expense of sinking into the pit of unemployment and the debts of Russian citizens.

Fabulous strategists “effective” population

However, the proposal of the Agency for strategic initiatives becomes clearer if a closer look at the activities of the organization. On its website it calls its own mission “to create opportunities for self-ambitious leaders, capable to lead Russia to the advanced positions in the world, to build a country where people want to live and work.” The goal, of course, euphemistically – who among us does not want to see Russia as a successful and prosperous? Here are just a view of our bright future, strategists are very specific.

About 10 years ago, ASI has been developing so-called foresight – global strategies for the development of various spheres of our society. Now about these foresights do not say – perhaps because they have not been implemented and it was only a fantasy experts from ASI. But to assess these fantasies to understand what constitutes the strategic initiatives Agency, will not prevent.

Take, for example, foresight “Education”. It tells about how it should change our education from 2010 to 2030. We list some items of the changes that he would like to see experts from ASI.

– 2010-2012: the Approach of “money follows the student” throughout the education system (in fact, talking about the full commercialisation of our education);

– 2012-2015: “Educational McDonald’s”: the franchise scheme educational services (Yes, the education policy should be determined not by the state, and effective managers);

– 2015-2020: “Global classes”: classes of children in different countries on the interdisciplinary skills of tolerance, the development of relationships (children learn to respect the rights of transgender people);

– 2015-2030: Mass cognitive technology: technology information exchange “nervous system-computer-network” + nano – and biotechnology to enhance the capacity of the nervous system (in fact, we are talking about chipping and connecting the nervous system with the computer);

– From 2015: “Vinificatia”: the spread of network forms of self-regulation of companies when entering the “democratic branch” (anarchy – mother of order?);

– 2018-2020: Changes in the pension system: reward in proportion to the quantity and quality of children (poor child? Sit without pensions);

– 2023: the Development of physical interfaces, and the rejection of computers as “special objects” (the computer is already in your body).

These are just a few of the many points of the foresight “Education”, and not all of them directly belong to this field, but from them is not myself. There is no place whatever values, what is called a national idea, no education, every person is measured solely by their economic efficiency.

At the same time, the stages of “development” as if taken from a science fiction book. On a full integration of human computer by 2023 it is, if we now, in 2020, to regional hospitals is not banal toilets and hot water? On what planet are these strategists?

Because I do not know ASI offers assistance to migrants and not citizens of Russia that they are from an economic point of view more efficient – they work for peanuts and live 10 people in one apartment? And for its citizens – tales about intelligent interfaces, and cognitive technologies…

Only here our people live in the real Russia with real employers really fire people. With real families to feed. Is it worth to entrust the development of solutions to these problems of organization, which is planned for 2030 to create in Russia a society of cyborgs with built in brain computers? I think the answer is obvious.

Petrov Alexander

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And this is no joke: the Retirement age should be increased. And giving the money to migrants

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