Zuleyha raise eyelids about one russophobian dummy

Zuleyha raise eyelids about one russophobian dummy
We want to warn our readers: if you value life and reason, keep away from the moor – that is, from the novel Guzel Agenoy “zulaikha opens his eyes”. And from the series too, which now appeared on YouTube and the television. Hear, don’t risk it! We visited these marshes for you and rapportuer about what they saw.

During the quarantine and isolation is the duty of every cultured person is to use the spare time efficiently, i.e., to replenish the supply of the read books, watched movies, listened to music. Of course, it is necessary to clarify – GOOD books, movies and music. And what about the bad? Or no, not so – how about the fact that why-that loudly declared good, and in fact – a fierce, monstrous horror?! Horror, decorated with stuck leaves Lavrushka (not laurels!) – awards, laudatory reviews, rave reviews, though it becomes pleasant on the eye, but the taste, unfortunately, does not change.Now, we want to warn our readers: if you value life and reason, keep away from the moor – that is, from the novel Guzel Agenoy “zulaikha opens his eyes”. And from the series too, which now appeared on YouTube and the television. Hear, don’t risk it! We visited these marshes for you and rapportuer about what they saw.

Translated into 18 languages! He received the award “Big book”, “book of the year”, “Yasnaya Polyana” (a desecration of Lev Nikolayevich!). Theater and aakraman, and again awarded as “Best performance”. Reading the novel performer of the title role Chulpan Khamatova taketh listeners spasms of sobbing – “Reading lasted for 40 minutes. During this time, Iglesias has time to read the roles for the author and for Yusuf, and Salahu, and Ignatova, and Blacksmith. And she really did what was intended. From the first minute, despite the bright sun, the actress has reconfigured the audience that were laughing, listening to the previous stories. In the hall came a ringing silence, and such atmosphere was kept until the end of the monologue. Khamatova was reading the passages about the mother love and dedication so intense, that many women involuntarily tears flowed, and some just wept.”

It would seem, what could go wrong?

All. Things can go wrong. In General, all!

Let’s start with style, then move on to the story, a quick run by the characters and, finally, discuss the idea. People with weak nerves, hard to brew motherwort!

So, what style works, you can understand from such brilliant pieces: “the light of Day strikes the face like a shovel”, “zulaikha faces a huge, full-wall map on which sprawled a giant scarlet stain, similar to a pregnant slug, Soviet Union” or, for example, “a lush, green breast of the left Bank steeply inflated”. You know, if Guzel Yakhina came to the rap battle with Glory to the CPSU, a smudge of Oxymoron for his sloppy turnovers “bad imprint shoulder” and “handball world record”, it would have been ground to powder, incinerated verb disintegrated! But critics — good praise. Here Pavel Basinsky believes that “the way to Guzel Agenoy hard. Short phrases, low details, nothing in excess”. Well, swells the chest, and th is?! Nothing more!

In short – the style ranges from banal-poor to terrible.

The saddest thing is that the author doesn’t understand HOW bad she writes and stupidly does not see that her tragic scene actually is able to cause involuntary laughter: “from your knees, Murtaza runs to Zuleyha. She recoils in fear. Alla salasin… a Powerful shoulder Murtaza shifts chests – easy like cardboard. Nails skopirovat postesnyalsya floorboard. Stained plunges the hand in breathable wet cold black hole – pulls out a flat metal box. Dim tinkles frozen by the frost cover. Murtaza hurriedly sticks in the mouth long flourish the horse sausage, chewing furiously.

– I will not give, – mumbles with his mouth full. This time, do not give up. I am strong”.

The impression is that wrote it slid into dementia Vladimir Sorokin, and will continue to be his typical eating feces, svalny sin and other barf-kunshtyukov!

The plot… Oh the plot. Here we come to something more important that just a stylistic bad taste.

The fact that no original plot in the novel no! There are a patchwork utterly formulaic plot “blocks-LEGO”, which is simple and unpretentious, and adhere to each other ready tabs. Here Zuleykha – crushed by the conservative Patriarchy woman (Hello tens and hundreds of novels okolovenoznoe direction!). Her being bullied, sometimes beaten, strongly victimblaming and Hazlitt. Here collectivization, and an indispensable outcasts, noble, and superiors. Here the security officer Ignatov – utterly flattened Davydov from “virgin soil upturned”. Here the St. Petersburg intellectuals who sigh about the loss of Paris. Here criminal Gorelov, in the spirit of the stories of Shalamov became commander over other exiles. Here is the head of Ignatov, “reveal the conspiracy” among the exiles for the next PIP. Here are the hunting scenes in the forest – both from Jack London, from “the last cartridge” and all consideration. Cubes, cubes, cubes… From Solzhenitsyn, Voinovich, and modern feminism, “Dersu Uzala” (remade in the terrible vulgarity of “native color” — “On the river should look, – said crackling, like a bonfire, voice, not looking at the thread waste of gear and hooks on the floor to listen, to talk to her. Then – wait. Give – will be. Will not – will not”), of the hidebound myths about “fattening Zhdanov” (“And canned meat and condensed milk, and butter – refrigerator commandant’s car was Packed with provisions. All these riches were intended for the personnel of the convoy composition, two firemen, machinist. Well, the commandant, of course”). Jeez, of all the anti-Soviet that it was written in the last hundred years! The icing on the cake – shooting in the fumes of drunken revelry, two security officers for the exiles, this places finally “became conscientious and rukopozhatno”. But not forgotten even the little things like mandatory “specialness” of Yusuf, son Sulayhi, in the form of seizures in childhood – even given a tribute to fashion for people with disabilities.

And here is how the characters talk! It is well known that the speech of the characters is the most important characteristic of the quality of the novel!

“”All right,” the Blacksmith finally agrees, lifting his glass and staring at her pale Sulinskogo, for the future of the farm. That blossomed it the lush color of the socialist – and as soon as possible”.

That’s so right live the talk about the lush color of the socialist, Yes. Especially when you drink! Seriously, it’s terrible.

Another horror – “the sublimation of space”, unscrupulous and ruthless. Pages do not carry any meaning, representing just jumble immediately forget the sentences: “Therefore, remember all the signs, whispered under his breath, as though a string was unwound and now, on the way back, curled her back into a tight knot: the cliff down a rocky trail between boulders, pink or white and green from the soft curly moss, to light like bald clearings; then – through a rare pine forest, walking through the vast and flat, covered with grass rare stones, to a gentle slope; using red candles pine and black spruce brush – down, long down, to a small circular clearing, where a huge walking funny once, now lightning-scorched tree; from her along the cold and clear streams descend on to the Hangar, and big, like a sleeping bear, boulder to get across the Creek and deeper into the forest.”

That’s why the reader of all these empty rows have to put yourself in the memory?! This is a test for Dasha-traveler? No more of these places and signs in the further text, will not appear will not appear. But it received almost 600 pages of text, which is converted now into a solid, thick and expensive volume.

Let’s give the word to the author, Agenoy. She wanted to write what I intended to do?

“This is a novel about the liberation of women, about finding the personality. He was conceived primarily as a novel about a woman. Not about Tatar in the thirties in the village, namely a novel about a woman who moves from past to present. From the archaic world enters the modern world. Her journey — both geographical and mental. First, she is polarbear-half woman. And in the end is a real person.”

I do not want to disappoint anyone, but much much more, but no real evolution of the heroine is NOT HAPPENING! Yes Jon by the end of the “12 chairs” more transformed than Zuleykha! “A real person” at the end of the novel still clogged, dependent and not independent as in the beginning.

So what, in the end, the mystery of “Salahi” that never opened his eyes, but managed so to be famous? It’s very simple: it is a novel, a password, a novel”Shibolet” a novel test for corporate cohesion and worldview. If you think the map of the USSR – pregnant slug, and the red army – “krasnodartsami”, then you will not confuse any “swelling Breasts” and hundreds of pages of deliberate rubbish! On the contrary, you speak oruelovsky “self-lock” and the sight itself there need a lens through which this graphomania turns into a Shakespearean tragedy written in Bunin’s language. As it turned out, we need a prism found at a very large number of people. Some, as we remember, even cried. Here it is, the magical power… no, not art, and brainwashed by decades of propaganda brains.

But we, fortunately, do not owe anything to this propaganda and call a spade a spade. The names’re all completely uncensored. Take care of yourself and your time, and at the same time respect our work: we dived into the sewer, so you climbed up there yourself.

Grigory Ignatov

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Zuleyha raise eyelids about one russophobian dummy

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