“Disrupted Day Masks…”

“Disrupted Day Masks…”

May 2, 2014, will forever remain in the memory of each Russian
…Yes, and not only them.Such events the Nazis were often given common names – such as “night of the long knives” or “crystal night”.

However, the Odessa events is a special name they came up with, and we would have… “Odessa Khatyn” it was called Russian sources, but this name covers only the tragedy, but I think the theme is wider.

So personally I would call this day – the day of the Torn Masks!

On this day the vampires revealed themselves in all their glory.
Every sighted person can see that under the guise of “Revolut gdnet” hiding ordinary fascism.

Everybody could see how degraded the Ukraine and its people when NEITHER ONE of thousands of police or military, other armed men from thousands of the Odessa garrison (!!!) did not come to the aid of people who were burned alive.

None of the heavily armed military and police units did NOTHING to protect people or to punish the perpetrators of the murder of more than hundreds of civilians.
Neither that day nor the next!
Some are swallowed and others that condoned!

Under the guise of “protectors of the people” were traitors to the oath, cowards and scumbags.

None of the Ukrainian police, as far as I know, not even have committed suicide out of shame and disgrace, and would have….

Not even going to talk about a few hundred thousand men of the city of Odessa, which are bent cancer visiting raguli, because I constantly talk about the fact that “we have no weapons”, “there was nothing we could do,” “we were out of town”.

This day could not, confused, believe.
Here, I note only that in the next 6 years You “had nothing”.

I won’t tell you about all Odessa
…all Odessa is very high.

…but I have no doubt that in Rostov these bitches would put knives at the first opportunity, in every alley and nook and cranny, wherever they go for a piss, and no COP would not have to look for those who did…
…at least this way, through inaction, atmaiva his shame.

In the end, under the mask of the Hero-City was the City of shopkeepers, impotent and hucksters. And the worst part is that after all these 6 years none of those who could, but did nothing….
…did not repent!

The years go by, each year I remind you about this betrayal and the shame of the Odessa garrison and men of Odessa, but never admitted guilt.

Instead, “dear odasity I INSHI gromadyan of Ukraine” spit phrases like: “And you yourself come and do! Kill the fascist! But!? Do not go!? Weak!? Well, don’t teach us how to live! We’re fine!”.

Many go further and blame Putin for the tragedy!
He – bitch is guilty!
Because Russian roly came and saved the House of trade Unions instead of smart-ass hataskraynikov.
That’s it!

Let me remind you, neither Putin nor I nor the Pope did not give the oath to protect the people of Ukraine, it gave You!
Every soldier and policeman, each employee of the SBU and Yes, every end man!

Never Russian from Russia do not become major Odessa than Odessa!

It was Your duty and now it is Your shame!

Live with him, and every time Your life will be to turn his back to You, remember all this because at the time, You turned towards the House of trade Unions before.

…and I hope that someday Odessa will be for me again, Hero City, but it will not be today.

Sergey Bogatyrev

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“Disrupted Day Masks…”

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