Two worlds two Shapiro

Two worlds two Shapiro
Our President:Canceled classes in educational institutions, have canceled public events.

Imposed quarantine for a week, then extended until 30 April.

Working remotely via remote communication.

When visiting the infectious diseases hospital takes reasonable precautions.

Is alive and well.The Prime Minister of England.

In his official statement on Friday, March 13, Boris Johnson said of the coronavirus following:

“It will spread further. I have to be honest with you, honest with the British public – many families, many families lose their loved ones before their time”.

At the same time added that he would not take any drastic measures to counteract it. The approach of the British authorities will be scientific.. or Rather, British. Coronavirus there seems to be said Let It Be, i.e. “let it happen”.

The result was somewhat predictable:

March 27. /TASS /. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it tests for a disease caused by a novel coronavirus, gave a positive result.

“In the last 24 hours, I developed mild symptoms, and analysis for coronavirus was positive”, – the politician wrote on Twitter. In the video, which was accompanied by this tweet, the Prime Minister said that he developed a “fever and cough”.

“Now I am in isolation, but I will continue to direct the response actions of the government in the videoconference, we will fight the coronavirus,” promised Johnson.

And everything went strictly “science”.

LONDON, APR 6 – RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson urgently hospitalized , he will perform artificial respiration, reported RIA Novosti a source close to the leadership of the national health system of England.

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Two worlds two Shapiro

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