Let’s be honest: the choice between fighting the virus and the economy Russia has made

Let’s be honest: the choice between fighting the virus and the economy Russia has made

Recently published data on electricity consumption in Russia and Germany in the first 14 days of April. Russia had a reduction of 3.8% compared to the first 14 days of April 2019 (for reference: 2019 -the year of peak consumption in General in the entire history of the country). In the current circumstances it is not just abnormally small reduction – it is not a reduction, sorry. In Germany, for the same 14 days reduced to the same days of April 2019 was 22.6%. This is quarantine. It rolled back a few decades for average daily activity. The difference in the dynamics of Russia and Germany struck. In the comments to that post, I asked readers of ASH from Germany to Express their opinions, several people suggested that the wild collapse in the first 14 days of April 2020 to 14-days APR 2019 caused by the different dates of Easter in Germany:

I apologize to these comrades, if answered, these assumptions are too sharp in shape. Like, it’s absurd and not even close to Easter can explain such a reduction. So, time goes on – monitor on. The reality is: Yes, Easter really explains nothing. The unthinkable collapse of activity in Germany continued after. No, not just continued – intensified (without Easter). In Russia – the activity becomes tragicomic. I do not know what is more tragedy or Comedy. Here’s the updated table, to the left Russia, Germany right:

In Russia the decline was even closer to statpogreshnosti. In Germany – the effects of crustal bombing.

Let’s be honest: Russia has chosen the economy. Let’s be honest: a meme was “Sweden” but if not de jure, and de facto “Sweden” right now it’s not Sweden, and Russia. In the official information field it is not. Power honestly frowning ( particularly in Moscow – probably not only), but in practice the country is already out of quarantine. Failing to properly log in. And given not only quarantine, but the global economic crisis of anomalous data. For reference, in January 2020 January 2019, the decrease was 3.8% WITHOUT even a hint of the quarantine. Just on weather factors and perhaps some small problems in the economy.

Yesterday I went to the site of statedata China: so here they are in January-February when the alleged spot (and not national) quarantine reducing energy consumption was more than 8% year to year !! That is twice more than in Russia in April. What is there to even discuss.

Now anticipating “the bookkeeper probably sits somewhere in the thread in the bunker and talking about how all is well.” Facts: I have to broadcast from an apartment about 15 minutes walk from one of the largest in Russia points adapted for the reception of patients with coronavirus. 7th city hospital of Kazan such a centre, comrade political Officer, and other citizens of Kazan will not lie. And “logic” should I now be worn in a panic as a resident of New Sanjar. In reality, even here in the streets of the recess relative to the last days of March and first days of April there. And often clearly NOT forced to chill.

What defensive factories of Kazan is completely closed – you of can learn. Tu-160 in the work, and so on. About personal circle of friends – it got to have that officially opened on such a strategic office as the… private sharashka in wholesale trading of electrical products and so on.

Is it bad or good – I don’t know. If Russia is in a difficult choice between the economy and health care chose the economy it does not mean that I will assure that choosing the right. We learn later.

But what, in fact, spur of the moment, the choice is made – is obvious. The total number of identified infected in Russia will grow rapidly. Now it is inevitable. There’s one of two things. And not to climb the tree and.. clothes not scratch. The choice is made.

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Let’s be honest: the choice between fighting the virus and the economy Russia has made

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