The head of mongorama Communist Rashkin. Lies…who?

The head of mongorama Communist Rashkin. Lies…who?

The annotation will be unhappy. A specific example showing that dry really has a narrow frame, but the scoundrels, for the sake of political expediency decided to try very hard in lies, is limited unless the imagination. In early February, the article “Civilization bandwagon of hype.” we discussed informano, rising around giggly announcer GTRK Kamchatka. And found out that this person perverted and distorted beyond recognition, official data on monetary compensation of preferential categories of citizens. And then ridiculed the result of their own incompetence so it isn’t her stupidity and ignorance (or whoever wrote her lines), and the greedy machinations of the state against the beneficiaries.Moreover, this issue was raised a nationwide uproar. In which information about compensation arrangements is continued to be transmitted in a wildly distorted form, and the announcer were issued almost for the brave and witty rubico the truth-the uterus. Briefly remind you of the real (before it was distorted) news. Here is the wording of the periodicity, size, and aspirational goals of spending of payments from the official source. Focus on the underlined red:

Moreover – it is about compensation payments. That is, payments for those beneficiaries who were entitled to free treatment in the sanatorium, but decided not to go, and take the money. And you see that the amount of compensation monthly (underlined in red). And, accordingly, this amount is accumulated, it is not the whole size, and only a small part.
So the announcer whether deliberately, or from the inability to read and said about travelling on INTERNATIONAL transport. Of course, this “broken telephone” led to the fact that the people a few days denounced “bureaucrats, mocking the privileged” and allegedly offered them to make the foreign voyage for 127 rubles. Given that reality, this manipulative is absurd is irrelevant.
And so, it would seem that the time has passed, the wave of hype has subsided. A couple of tens of thousands of people had even read the analysis, a disclaimer on the Aftershock (and reprint on other sites). It would seem no – one revisited this manipulative dirt from the floor will not lift and for the second time the fan will not quit…As it is not so. Because we have a leader of the Moscow Communist comrade Rashkin. In a video from February 17, he States the following:

“The leading RTR laugh during a story about preferential payments. Leading read the text of the news that included in the ANNUAL cash payments, social services has indexed and from 1 February its size was just over one and a half thousand roubles. And most importantly, painted much they can spend, the same amount, this huge amount of fifteen thousand rubles. 900 of them can be spent on medicines. 137 rubles for the purchase of sanatorium treatment for the prevention of major diseases, and the remaining amount on INTERNATIONAL travel to the place of treatment and back, THAT IS the BORDER.”

That is, this ….., I’m sorry, the head of the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party, having lost the last remnants of conscience, managed to not just repeat heavy nonsense this pseudo-announcer about the “INTERNATIONAL” fare. He found it necessary to reinforce her lies additional, already with their lies and stated that this compensatory payment is an ANNUAL. That is not only distorted after the announcer purpose of the expenditure, but also perverted, to diminish the amount of compensation of 12 (twelve) times!!!

Summed up this topic Rashkin these words, again I quote:

“Let’s all laugh together, along with presenter for such distribution in parentheses, in quotes, giant growth, let’s support Alexander Novikov, keep working on this place and illuminates honestly, openly, and where necessary and with a laugh newscasts. Let’s support”.

Instead of a conclusion. To read or what “Demons” by Dostoyevsky….


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The head of mongorama Communist Rashkin. Lies…who?

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