Military exercises to reassure Poland and the Baltic States

Military exercises to reassure Poland and the Baltic States

Военные учения для успокоения Польши и стран Балтии

Once again the United States protect Europe from the aggressive Eastern neighbor. Once again globally. I moved on, but still ongoing, albeit in a scanty embodiment, the teachings of Defender of Europe 2020 (the”Protector of Europe 2020″). After the statements about the major teachings for 25 years, with the participation of 37 thousand soldiers from 18 countries of what we see today, really does not look very impressive.

Defender Of Europe 2020. Exercises do not need military

Agree that about six thousand troops (including two thousand from Poland), 100 tanks and more than 230 combat vehicles, artillery and missile systems and aircraft (about 2000 units) is not global, the combined forces of NATO countries. And the venue, Drewski landfill, compared with those territories that were planned to use in several countries.

On the other hand, we are accustomed to hydromodray our “partners”. And a simple way to circumvent international treaties on the control of exercises known to all. Because of that, and at the same time conducted several exercises. Just remember what happened earlier. With the abolition, or rather, migrate, teachings, Defender of Europe 2020, was cancelled a few: Dynamic Front, the Joint Warfighting Assessment, Saber Strike and Swift Response.

Look at the composition of the exercise participants. Poland: 12th mechanized brigade from Szczecin, and soldiers of the 6th airborne brigade from Krakow, 9th Brinevskoe brigade of cavalry, 2nd engineer regiment, 2nd sapper regiment and the 5th engineer regiment. From the air force in the exercises will be attended by F-16 aircraft from the 2nd wing of tactical aircraft and Mi-24 helicopters from the 1st aviation brigade of ground troops. USA: about four thousand soldiers from the command of the 1st cavalry division, 2nd brigade combat team, 3rd infantry division, 3rd brigade combat aviation. In addition, it involved units of the Czech and the Lithuanian army.

Three reasons for a Defender of Europe 2020

Why are Americans such exercises? Let’s try to answer this question. What are the us troops participating in the exercises? Tankers (1 KAV. division) motorized infantry and airmen from the United States will train the poles. What to teach, I think, is clear.

Military US businessmen decided in advance to prepare the crew for the American military equipment, which is planning to sell Poland and the Baltic States. Nothing personal, just business. A sort of master class in possession of the “world’s best military equipment and weapons” from the United States. This is the first task carried out war games.

The first but not the only one. The American connection is based on the United States. After the stunning results of the mass transfer of Russian troops the Americans, naturally, wanted to know the real capabilities of its own army for the transfer of large joints across the ocean. It turned out that the problems that need to be addressed yesterday, the roof.

If you look at the situation from the Defender slightly wider Europe 2020, in the context of consideration of earlier teachings, and discern the third task. In conditions when Germany strongly indicates his unwillingness to continue to cooperate in the United States, Americans are forced to seek territory for stationing its forces in Europe. This place may well be Poland and the Baltic States.

Agree, talk about flight time, reaction ground forces to enemy action and other horror stories that scare the Europeans, can not be taken seriously. Battalion group, with the support of the squadron and the ship group will be able to contain the offensive of the army. Funny? Meanwhile, this idea is embedded in the head of poles and citizens of the Baltic republics.

Moreover, if we consider the main event of the teachings, Defender of Europe 2020 — the crossing of water obstacles, the rivers, the Nemunas and the Daugava, there is a very unpleasant for the poles and Balts Association. Americans are true to themselves. They are again planning to fight someone else’s hands. And to fight in Europe, not Russia. Consequently, the main burden of the war should fall on the Europeans.

Baltops 2020 as part of the exercise Defender of Europe 2020

In favor of this concept is another fact, another doctrine, which ended just a few days ago. Baltops 2020 (“Baltic operations 2020”). As they say in NATO, the main event of the year in the Baltic sea. Involved 17 countries of the NATO and 2 partner countries. 29 naval units, 29 aircraft and up to 3000 people. This is the 49th in a row drill!

To quote the NATO website (about what task is given the command to the exercises):

Key study areas include air defense, anti-submarine war, the Maritime prohibition and operations to counter mines.
This exercise increases flexibility and interoperability between allied and partner countries to strengthen the opportunities for joint responses and also demonstrates the international resolve to ensure stability and, if necessary, to protect the Baltic sea region.

But what hides behind these buzzwords? That should hear a European man in the street? And to hear it needs the following. In the event of a conflict between Russia and the NATO Alliance is able to block the Baltic fleet and the sky of the Baltic. Thereby ensuring the security of Europe from the North.

But even clearer hint to the citizens of the Baltic republics and Poland. Live peacefully, the Alliance will not allow the landing of Russian Marines and paratroopers on the territory of your country! It is clear that this is a purely political statements. Soldiers from both sides understand that sea and air blockade of Russia in the Baltic sea today is impossible.

Why the exercises right now

Does it seem odd that all of a more or less large NATO exercises clearly tied to any significant event in Russia. Whether it is the celebration of Victory Day, Victory day parade, as it is now, the Olympics, world Cup, summits of heads of state or something of the same sort. Why is it done? By the way, talk openly about it in our foreign Ministry.

In particular, on this occasion, spoke the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Lavrov Alexander Grushko:

No secret that the NATO exercises, such as “Defender of Europe” — the largest in recent years, was built on the blueprints of the cold war and designed in such a way that the peak of activity, that is, with the greatest involvement and equipment, and personnel, goes back to the period around May 9th. It is a fact.

NATO probably think that during the holidays our military are serving much worse than usual. And, if you dig into recent history, this thesis has been checked even by military means. Very badly for NATO. I mean the war 08.08.08. It is very strange that such obvious things for so long to reach the Western military
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Military exercises to reassure Poland and the Baltic States

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