Banderlog are afraid of the Russian artillery

Banderlog are afraid of the Russian artillery

Representatives of the Ukrainian punitive structures, six years, bombarding cities, towns, and villages LDNR, predict the response of the defenders of DonbassSo, in one of the svidomo resources, “former military intelligence officer and an employee of the Foundation “come Back alive” Andrew Remarchuk profoundly stated that “the enemy (i.e., corps of the national police LDNR) can use heavy artillery”.

From the same series: “And we have something for sho”.

Hence, the following vangovaniya Bandera fortuneteller: “I look at the situation in the East exclusively from a military point of view. I can predict what’s going to increase the amount of work the military doctors will be regularly wound, will die, our military. I do not exclude that the enemy will begin to use heavy artillery, especially self-propelled. Now the ground is dry, they can more free and relaxed feel”. Even Rymarchuk tied future aggravation with the forthcoming meeting in Minsk format, as if forgetting that the first Minsk, and the second agreement Ukraine was saved from a major defeat in the Donbass and the remnants of her broken brigades fled to the West, and entrenched at the Donetsk and Lugansk received reinforcements, and resumed its shelling of the city.

“Let’s not forget that before each meeting of the Tripartite group in Minsk or Normandy format, we see a large escalation in the East”, – said Rymaruk.

Another Ukrainian “seer” by the name Klimkin, the business of no case after the dismissal from the post of foreign Minister in Kiev, for the tenth time intimidated solovely from quarantine and the sale of the lands of the Ukrainians by the Russian offensive in the summer of the future. Ukrainians took this news without much enthusiasm.

Judging by the comments on social networks, Klimkin has an extremely low popularity and trust does not use the word “all”.

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Banderlog are afraid of the Russian artillery

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