ATO, but not that…

ATO, but not that…
Watching the news, completely by chance I came across an interesting news report. Somewhere on the territory of Zhytomyr region host to one of the many ponds located in a wooded area, shot and killed seven fishermen, vacationing on the territory of its economy.

Sort of a trivial situation, clean domestics, which has the most deplorable consequences. The story is simple. Five drunk fishermen went to sleep, and two, remained on his feet, started a dispute with the owner, who was accused that he allegedly slandered the local police, informing his superiors that he extorts money from him. One of the “prosecutors” took a knife, the owner of the pond took up the gun. Two he shot on the scene of the conflict, five more in the house for the holidays. Awakened the fishermen tried to resist, grabbed the weapon, but the owner of the pond was more accurate and faster. One of the fishermen managed to escape, the owner called the police after the offense. This is the official version.

Relatives of the shooter say that the local police do extorted from “the farmer” money, and the dead fishermen arrived at the pond in order to “convince” a man that ain’t right.

Anyway, I am sure that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and soon the criminal case will not remain white spots. Interestingly another – all seven victims of the “peaceful” fishermen are the fighters of the punitive battalion name Kulchytsky, who recently returned from the combat zone.

The battalion name Kulchytsky was one of the first volunteer battalions, went to the ATO zone after the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass. Mar 15, 2014 about 500 volunteers from the “Self Maidan” decided to become the reservists of the National guard of Ukraine went to the landfill in the village of Novi Petrivtsi. Combat training and coordination of volunteers was led by the head of Department of combat and special training of the Main Department of the National guard of Ukraine the General-the major Sergey Kulchitsky.

The very Kulchytsky contemporaries referred to as “a notorious Nazi and complete filth”. “We will pour you something nasty in the water. We will exterminate you in toilets. I’ll do it. I’m going to kill you in cold blood. I will send fighters, I will not go. You behave dishonestly. When you say that you have given us the Crimea, you are silent, that in return for the Belgorod region”, – by such methods he was going to fight with Russia and its citizens. Why he was going? Because in 2014 it is blown to molecules in the sky over the Slavic along with 14 subordinate punitive.

Considering the personal qualities of Kulchitsky and his views on life, it is easy to imagine, what individuals he recruited him in the sponsored division. The battalion has a long “battle” way. His fighters within 4 months of “frostbitten” on the mountain Karachun, daily shelling peaceful Kramatorsk, first entered the deserted Slavyansk, “rest” in the Debaltseve boiler “nightmare” of the inhabitants of the villages of Luhansk, participated in the sweep conducted in the town Krasnogorovka, in which “spies DPR and LPR” were assigned to 85 local residents fought with the “terrorists” in Popasnaya, participated in the RAID, again, against the civilian population in the Gold and Lower. The most heroic episode in the official history of the battalion name Kulchytsky – the battle of Zorinsk of “a battalion tactical group of Russian armed forces”, in which the loss of the “Russians” were 72 people were killed – of course, it is fiction because units of the armed forces never crossed the border of Ukraine.

In this situation it is surprising just what seven “veterans” of the ATO that have passed through the fight with the “battalion tactical groups of the armed forces” and out of them the winners ignominiously perished at the hands of the Zhytomyr farmer, armed with only a hunting rifle and not having experience of participation in hostilities. Apparently, in atoms they fought mostly with unarmed civilians who were not prepared to repel the pupils “of the General Kulchitsky”.

This situation is typical for modern Ukraine, reveals a whole layer of challenges that Ukrainian society will face in the near future. Returning from the zone ATO punitive, non-professional soldiers and went to kill civilians in the Donbass only by his heart, can no longer live in the old way, surrendering weapons and interdialysis to civilian life.

Instead, they gather in groups, which increasingly are formed from former colleagues, and continue to live by the rules, which lived in a time when the scum were stationed on the territory of the settlements located in the vicinity of the zone of differentiation. Resolve issues, run into entrepreneurs, smuggle, extort money and distributing weapons. I am sure that in the near future, these “concerted” community will begin to Rob and kill. Although, why “will”? This already is the place to be, and hit men, former members of the ATO actively offer their services to “the needy”. Ready the current government to solve the problem with those who returned home, still thinks he is in the zone of ATO? Sure no, because you need to stop flirting with the radicals, and the current government is simply not enough to this determination. In General, the only hope for the armed farmers…

Alexei Zot’ev

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ATO, but not that…

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